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As I spend most of my time sitting at a desk, I am feeling the need to get more connected with nature. Taking time out to unwind outside to relax and breath out.  Many years ago I started Nature in the Home – with an attempt to bring in natural elements to my every day, to relax and revive me.

Research indicates that our health is intricately connected to the timeless rhythms of the natural world and much architecture and interior design is beginning to focus on fusing these elements together in the home.  Architects, interior designers and the blogging movement are now all focusing on plant life, light spacious rooms and how to bring nature inside.  The brilliant architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you’.  Amen to that!

Here are a few suggestions on how to bring in Nature in to the home:


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Use of plants

Plants are the obvious place to start when it comes to bringing the outside in. It’s so easy to gather a collection of plants and scatter them around the home or even use them as a feature to highlight certain areas. Try trailing a creeper around a window frame or over a curtain rod.  Try using funky terrariums filled with all kinds of green goodness to add a dash of life to a drab bathroom or loft conversion. There are literally tens of thousands of species of plants that are able to adapt to indoor living, so there is surely something to suit every environment and taste.

Plants need not be just ornamental.  Why not try adding pots of culinary herbs growing on the kitchen windowsill to add colour and fragrance to a space as well as used in your evening meal.



Themes, schemes and decor

When walking outside it is impossible not to notice the richness of colour schemes, the natural flow of branches and the way the light makes dappled patterns on the forest floor. Many of these effects can be replicated inside the home with soft lighting, natural fibres and muted colour schemes. Whilst you are on your walk why not gather branches, feathers, rocks, shells, to add to your decor.



Sitting around a fire in the great outdoors and being mesmerised and captivated by the dancing flames is such a joy. Fire warms, it crackles, pops and glows and has a scent that can evoke the very best memories. Natural wood fires are making a comeback as nothing compares to the radiant heat that a roaring fire projects. If the space is limited or sourcing firewood is too inconvenient, there are gas log fires that simulate the real thing and look remarkably authentic.  Or a cluster of candles will give the similar effect.


How do you bring nature indoors?  Why not share it on instagram and use my hashtag #natureinthehome so we can see.