Seasonal rituals // making a fire…

5-1This weekend we lit our first fire of the season.  I love the ritual of making a fire, scrunching of the paper (or making twists), stacking the kindling on top in a tipi shape, then lighting the paper from below, watching the flame roar upwards.

We have a log burner in our lounge,  A little treat with some redundancy money I received from a job that I hated, many years ago. I love how now our beautiful log burner brings us light and warmth in those dark days of Winter. As opposed to the dreary job I used to do.

fire place

I am now thinking of wood, and obsessing about what to burn.  Next week we will collect our winter log pile, and stack it in the dining room, ready to burn.

So, that is it. The fire is on now, until Spring.  We prefer to heat our home in this way, I always seem to get a cold when the central heating is turned on. Does anyone else?  We shall take a trip to a local farm to stock up on bags of cut logs, a seasonal ritual in itself.  The barn is something to be seen,  oak framed and beautiful, stacked high to the rafters with beautifully seasoned fire wood.  Yes I am a wood geek!  I am obsessed with logs, fireplaces and the perfect fire.

So, do you have a log burner or an open fire?

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  • Would love to know which paint was used in the top image? its the perfect dark blue that I have been searching for! – Celeste

  • How wonderful that a hated job turned into a wonderful wood burner :) my parents got one installed last year and they LOVE it. It’s so nice to go home to, whenever I’m there during the winter, I’m pretty much just stretched out in front of it! We have quite a nice electric wood burner in our flat though (people always think it’s real!) so I can’t really complain xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

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