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Want to banish the winter blues or get rid of a headache fast?  Then you will want to discover my fab sponsor for this month – Bohobo Aromatherapies. I use their Bye Bye Blues roll on when I’m feeling a little flat – and the smell gives me a lovely lift.  Read on to discover more….

bohobo aromatherapiesPlease can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

I’m B from Bohobo Aromatherapies and with my husband Miles we make and sell handmade natural aromatherapy based products and organic skincare.

What is your inspiration behind your products?

We started Bohobo Aromatherapies to create and share a company that would reflect our life. After the birth of our bonanza baby we decided to make a change from beautiful but busy and congested Paris to a beautiful and fresh Provence. We did this to be selfish. We wanted to spend more time together, to experience the seasons, to breathe cleaner air, live a cleaner life and eat locally sourced food. So Miles, Etta, Shnoo the kelpie, Bukowski the bit of this and bit of that cat and I started a new life together.

An idyllic winter meant our savings were running dry and we needed to come up with a plan if we were going to make our life sustainable. Twenty years prior I studied aromatherapy and massage in London but only ever really used it on friends and family. So after making some beautiful natural perfumes and selling them at local markets.

Soon after, I made a bottle of sleep spray for a friend who had sleeping problems. Which went on to be sell out success, after word got around.  A Pop-Up shop in Frome came available for the summer, where I sold my ready made roller and spray remedies.

It is a wonderful thing, making and selling something that people really appreciate.  The first time a lady came back to tell me the little headache roller, had completely taken away her migraine!  I felt an amazing lift that I had in a small way helped someone.

What is a typical working day for you?

My day always begins tending to my daughter. Once she is dressed and has had breakfast I try to fit in a little yoga and meditation but often it doesn’t happen until a moment frees itself later on. If it’s a nursery morning I walk with Etta through beautiful Frome to nursery and hurry home to make products, answer emails, fill internet orders, research new ideas, order stock and plan future markets.

I then run back to collect Etta and we will either have lunch at a café, with one of her friends or I will come home and cook something quick. In the afternoon we will usually have one activity to do and then Miles looks after her while I make more products or fill orders for The Food Assembly where I drop off once a week or upcoming markets.

Then the workday ends and the rhythm of making dinner, baths and bedtime is prioritised. I try to do a little social media in the evening and that’s all but something always comes up and I find myself working late a couple of times a week.

You used to live in France and now in rural Somerset, can you tell us about your move?

When we decided we were going to move it was really important to us that we keep a similar pace of life that we had had in Provence.  So living in the South West just seemed like it would be the best fit for us. We drew a circle on a map and made a lucky leap. We love it here and are always hopping back to France, which is great because that way we never really have time to miss it.

How do you incorporate aromatherapy products into your daily life?

Aromatherapy is in my every moment! I make my own cleaning products, sprinkle tinctures on the animals, create and change atmospheres by flicking drops around the room and settle into meditation by clapping oils between my hands and taking a deep breath.

bohobo aromatherapies

Could you give us some tips on using your oils?

The headache relief roller ‘Off the top of my head!’ is full of organic chamomile, lavender and peppermint and is perfect rolled onto your temples and in the dip at the back of your head. It starts working immediately and is powerful and kind at the same time. Our Blues relief ‘Bye Bye Blues’ is perfect applied to your wrists and your plexus letting the bergamot, lavender, rose geranium and hint of clary sage make you feel both held and lifted.

If you could use only one oil only, ever, what would you choose and why?

I think I am going to be really boring and say lavender! It’s an adaptogen so it calms you down but if you are feeling depleted it is actually really revitalising. I love it. I clean with it, pour it on oil burners and so much more. In its essential form rather than a synthetic one it’s not grannyish at all!

We are coming into the Winter months, what should we be using in our home and to help us through the darkest months?

Lemon lemon lemon! It keeps the air clear of germs and makes you feel light and fresh and uplifted. It is also an adaptogen so a definite must. Pop a couple of drops in the machine with your washing or mix a couple of drops with a carrier oil and rub it on your feet.

What do you love most about what you do?

Everything smells great! I love most that I can spend time with my family and work with humble helpful products.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

In a bigger home brimming of love and laughter on enough land for all the animals we would have to not tread on each other. Just a bigger version of now really.

Thank you B, it is lovely to hear the story of your life and how you have made this life for you and your family.

Bohobo Aromatherapies

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  • What a lovely interview! Inspiring to hear of somebody creating a company around their family and obviously putting such love into it all.

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