Sisterhood Winter retreat….

e3e028f1687b1dffd92b334fed341140Apologies for the silence here on the blog, I am busy behind the scenes preparing for SISTERHOOD winter retreat next week.  Oh it’s going to be wonderful, I can feel it.  We are heading back to Fforest over in Cardiganshire, for a three night stay.  Workshops, feasts, wild landscapes and fire side chats.  I am really really excited about this one.

My brilliant team, Hannah Bullivant (stylist) and Erin Trezise-Wallace (florist) are working hard to make the whole event visually stunning.  Think jewel tones, rich warmth, tipped with golden touches.  November – Winter.  Not Autumn.  Not Christmas – but firmly November.

Sisterhood is taking on a beautiful life of it’s own.  As more women come forward to work with us, attend and share… our gentle community of creative, life loving women grows.

This year, we will be making all manner of wonderful things, learning photography and styling, making our own wreaths, crackers, preserves and learning how to dye fabric using natural foraged materials.

We will also be learning how to Hygge, eat fabulous food, sit for hours around a fire … and listen to the night, tucked up in our beds.

Did you see?  Sisterhood was featured in the Guardian last week?  Top 10 women only holidays!  Yes! You can read it here.

Our Winter retreat is now fully sold out, but you can join us in June 2017 when we shall be celebrating early summer and the summer solstice.  Details of this can be found here.