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Anatural_midwinter littlegreenshed blog

Tomorrow sees the midwinter solstice… where night is longer than day and the darkness reigns.  We are planning to have a fire on the moors (fingers crossed for mist) and eat our lunch outside.  The boys are super excited.  I love this midwater solstice more than its summer sister.  It is a chance for us to reflect, to welcome the dark, and look forward to the promise of spring and new adventures.

Anatural_midwinter littlegreenshed blog

Following on from last seasons autumnal hashtag #anatural_autumn,  I once again collaborating with my dear friend Laura (circle of pine trees) on Instagram with #anatural_midwinter.  A celebration of the simple small things at this time of year.

This is not a festive hashtag, far from it. It will be a small place for calm moments, a simple branch found on your walk, baking in the afternoon, lighting candles,snuggling on the sofa, walks on the beach, walks in the woods, foraging for greenery, reading in bed – and so on.  This time of year can easily become swallowed up with Christmas, let’s use this simple hashtag to consciously think outside the commercialized manic season.

So if you are like Laura and I, and want to step back from all that chaos and focus on the little things, then please join us.  It is just for fun. Upload your image to Instagram using the tag #anatural_midwinter and mention us both @littlegreenshed and @circleofpines, it will be nice for us to see your image and to say hi.

Starting from today… there are already some beautiful images on there to look at.  Go see!

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