Colour hit // pinks and blues…


On instagram today, I admitted I am a colourphobe.  Preferring the soft greys, natural woods, whites and texture. But did I flip this comment to quickly?  Yes I do prefer a muted palette at home, but actually I do like colour…. it makes me smile, lifts me and I feel a calm energy from it.

But, not all colour is the same.  NO.  I’m not a fan of brights, no.  No bright pink or yelow for me.  I am a pastel girl, I love colours that are soft, elegant and subtle.  The colour of rain on a leaf, a delicate hue of the inside of shell, dried seed heads of the honesty, chalk, velvet ribbon, pink walls of Marrakesh…

You get me….


Beautiful pastel hues, to brighten this grey cold January day.   A mood board of sorts, a promise of summers to come.  For sun drenched swims in warm oceans.  Eating fresh seafood on the shore. Collecting memories, shells and photos…..

A subtle colour hit… follow my pin board..

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