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tkmaxx new year new me

A brand new year, a blank page, a chance to try to achieve new goals.  January is a brilliant time to assess one’s life and make a few adjustments.  It doesn’t have to be dramatic and huge, but a few little changes can make all the difference.

For me, I like to look at the home, and change a few things up.  With this in mind, I headed to my local TK Maxx store to see what they had in that day to help me make my new year a better one.  With three key goals, I wanted to pamper myself, eat better and get fitter…. Easy right?


This year, I want to set aside more time for me.  Long luxurious baths, scented oils and candle light.  I suppose giving myself some important headspace, using my bath time ritual as a form of meditative practice.  I want to feel cared for, like I would do in a spa.

So, starting in the bathroom section at TK Maxx, I discovered soft fluffy bath towels at half of the RRP, white bath sheets for that ‘hotel spa’ look and a pretty duck egg blue ones with a graphic floral print.  In the toiletries department I found all the bath oils and candles a girl could wish for…. Now I just need to get a lock on that bathroom door of mine!

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That’s my outside and head sorted, what about the inside.  This year I want to eat better, look after my body.  I want to cook nourishing stews and salads, a lavish meals for friends.  Feasting well this year is one of my main aims.  But I realised when looking at my kitchen tools, everything was in a sorry state. My knives were old and blunt, and my pans were falling to bits.  How could I cook better if my utensils weren’t up to the job?  

Heading to the kitchen department I found pots, pans, knives, chopping boards, utensils – everything! All at a great price and perfect for what I would need.  I choose a large stainless steel saucepan, perfect for cooking soups, pasta and rice dishes.  Two excellent, chef quality, knives.  A marble chopping board and copper can opener (for the ultimate stylist kitchen!).   This little lot came to just under £50, but will last me for years.

New Year New You with TKMaxx

Get fit

This year I will become a yogi. I plan to take regular yoga classes, and to practice regularly at home.  I have noticed that I’m not as sprightly as I used to be, and even getting down onto the floor to play with the boys is sometimes hard.  Stretching is the key to longevity, I truly believe that.  

In my local TK Maxx store, they had a great range of activewear. I found a new yoga mat for stretching and pair of hand weights for some resistance training.  I also treated myself to some new leggings and a sports bra too.  And for my morning smoothing a sachet of Organic Womens Mix which contains added ingredients of goji berries, shatavari herbs and more.  I have no more excuses, I just need to do the work out!

Shopping at TK Maxx has saved me time and money, finding all that I needed in one store and with a big saving too.

What are you New Year, New You plans for 2017?  I’d love to know.

Collaboration Note:  This post was written in collaboration with TK Maxx.  All words, thoughts and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.

  • Pamper, food and fitness sound great to focus on. I love TK Maxx too, although the home ware is so fab I never get the time to look around the clothes :)

  • These all sound like very simple, nourishing ideas for 2017 – I especially like the food idea! I’ve been trying Yoga myself (Yoga with Adrienne is a good series on Youtube… some videos are easy and some are really quite hard, but I like the combination of relaxation and challenge!).

    I’ve never tried TK Maxx for homewares, but I’ll bear it mind now. :)


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