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A friend of mine from school owns Bristol’s best coffee place.  The scientific method he uses to extract the best flavour from his artisan coffee beans will boggle your mind.  My word he makes a good brew, something that has eluded us in our own home coffee making for years.  Until now. 

We’ve recently purchased a new Krups ‘Bean to Cup’ coffee machine and now I fancy myself as a bit of a barista.  However, if you are the proprietor or employee of a third-wave coffee shop, look away now, as I’m about to overly simplify all that you value highest.  

Here goes…The flavour of your brewed coffee is determined by the amount of extraction you get from the beans.  This can be affected by adjusting the grain size and quantity of ground coffee, and the amount and temperature of the water.  Time is also a critical factor.

Pressing the Start button on the Krups bean to cup machine, the whole beans are ground and brewed based upon your selection; bean quantity, water quantity and temperature.  There is even a steam wand for frothing coffee. Don’t ask to see my latte art, just yet.

Straight out of the box, I adjusted the grinder to medium sized grounds.  Set the strength to 2 beans, then set the drink volume to 80ml.  A dose of my Origin Nevado Espresso beans (Columbian. Washed) were ground, compressed and extracted in less than a minute.  The flavour was impressive.  Fruity berry and currant notes with a clarity and depth that I’d be happy to find from a quality coffee shop.  So here’s the thing.  Starting with skillfully roasted and properly stored beans – you can quickly and easily re-produce cups and cups of coffee just how you like it.

Littlegreenshed Krups bean to cup april 2017

We’ve had a stove-top Mokka pot at home for about 10 years.  It produces a fairly thick coffee, with plenty of sediment.  It’s not for everyone, and frankly we use it as a way to make rocket fuel to get us going in the morning.  Its simple, cheap, fast and crude, but there is no way I’d claim it makes delicious coffee.  We also have an Aeropress – which is quick and makes great ‘clean’ coffee.  It is a bit fiddly, but it is portable and brilliant in the woods or when camping.  There’s a cafetiere somewhere in the back of a kitchen cupboard and a pour-over coffee percolator thing, too.

The beauty of our Krups bean to cup machine is that we can absent mindedly make delicious coffee at home, whilst simultaneously feeding the cats and emptying the dishwasher – in turn this means we’re enjoying more of what we like.  I love having it so much, I even found space in the car to bring it on holiday with us.

Discover more about our Krups bean to cup machine and how to brew great coffee with the Krups website.

Collaboration Note:  Thank you to Krups for providing us with their bean to cup machine.  All words and opinions by Dan Taylor and images by Lou Archell.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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