Simple Living // 7 ways to fragrance your home…

During Spring and Summer, we love to fling the windows wide open to let the cool fresh air into the home.  But the change in air can sometimes highlight that the home is less than fragrant, especially if you live with animals and kids like I do.

So much of our emotions and memories are linked to our sense of smell, so why not think about creating a signature scent for you home.  Much better than sweaty trainers or wet dog smell, right?

Here are seven great ideas on how to get your home smelling divine in next to no time.

7 ways to fragrance the home littlegreenshed blog

1. Smudge sticks

These tightly bound white sage leaves have been used in rituals or ceremonies, to cleanse a space of negative energy.  Even if you don’t believe in these sort of things, the scent from these dried leaves is heady and sensual.  One to use on a deep cleanse of the home, not just before you have guest coming over for supper!

2. Modern Potpurri

The days of grandma’s old flower & bark potpourri are gone, and modern scented dried herbs are in. Making your own potpourri is easy and there are endless possibilities to the scents you can create. Simply collect herbs, bark or even fir cones and dry them until they are crisp to the touch, then add a few essential oils. One of my favourite combinations are rosemary and thyme or rose and sandalwood.

3. Fresh Herbs

If dried isn’t your thing, why not have fresh herbs. A simple pot of Rosemary or Basil on windowsill where the sunlight will encourage the natural oils in the leaves to mingle and the scent will carry throughout the whole house!

4. Oil diffuser

My friend Gemma uses an oil diffuser in her treatment room, it gently scents the space without being too overwhelming.  A tea light candle slowly warms the oil from underneath, slowly spreading the warm scent throughout the entire house.  Add water the to the well, plus a few drops of essential oils like Eucalyptus or Rose Geranium, light the candle below – and let it permeate.  Warning:  do not use this method if you have young children.

5. Fresh flowers

No brainer really.  A vase of lillies, roses or honeysuckle will have your home smelling wonderful.  Why not add fennel or rosemary to the mix too for added scent.  To make your flowers last longer, mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of sugar and add it to the vase water before adding the flowers. Trim the bottom of the stems at an angle about an inch every 5 days and change the water frequently. This should make them hold up longer!

6. Scented candles

Forgo those highly perfumed and brightly coloured candles from Ikea, instead opt of candles that use all natural ingredients.  Soy based with natural essential oils are the best.  They burn with a clean flame, and so don’t leave black smoke marks up your wall.  Better for your environment and for you.

7. Aromatherapy Spray

A positive mood is literally one spritz away. Making your own aromatherapy spray is super easy and fun! Simply fill a  fine misting spray bottle with distilled water and a few drops of your favourite essential oils and spritz your soft furnishings. A personal favourite is basil, rosemary and peppermint.

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to make your home welcoming and ugly smell free this season.

Image via Unsplash