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restoration range sainsburys littlegreenshed may 2017
water jug | wooden calendar | wooden picture frames | desk tidy | waffle blanket | filing cabinet | wall clock – all Sainsbury’s

The very word ‘Restoration’ brings to mind two things.

1. doing up wrecked buildings and transforming them into beautiful homes (very George Clarke)

2. Restoring oneself to a place of calm.

Although my home, probably could do with a team of cleaners, it doesn’t need a restoration to save this old house.  But I, on the other hand, could do with some looking after – a definite restoration project here.

I believe that a shift in habits and mixing up the home with new products can give positive effects.  A plant on the desk, with a jug full of water as I work for starters.

So when Sainsbury’s asked me to try a few products from their new Restoration range I thought, why not? I need a bit of that.  The Restoration product range has taken elements from industrial living, think New York loft apartment with wire baskets, minimal design and cool colours.

restoration range by sainsburys May 2017
grey metal filing cabinet | grey metal desk tidy | wall clock – all Sainsbury’s

I wanted to focus on three core areas in my home, where I could do with some help.  These were work, food and relaxation.  Looking through the range, I selected products that complimented my home.

My desk sits in the corner of the dining room, and is usually used as a dumping area of random stuff, pens, notepads, props all end up on there.  Now with the desk tidy and filing cabinet everything is neatly stored away, leaving space for me to breathe and work.

restoration range sainsburys littlegreenshed May 2017
skillet | bowls | espresso cup & saucers | acacia wooden board | tea towel – all Sainsbury’s

Next area to look at in ‘project restoration’ was food.  I’m my own worse enemy, forgetting to fuel my body with nutritious food.  No more! I plan to make brunch a daily routine, taking half an hour out of the morning to cook and eat something wonderful, to revive my mind and body.

Yesterday morning I rustled up a Moroccan shaksuka, so simple, yet delicious.  Tinned tomatoes are cooked in the cast iron skillet with garlic and onions and a good heaped teaspoon of harissa paste.  Once cooked through, break the eggs into the tomato mixture and pop the pan under the grill to cook the eggs, until soft and runny.  I served it with a seeded sourdough.  Yum!

restoration range sainsburys littlegreenshed May 2017
cup & saucer | tea towel | skillet (just seen) – all Sainsbury’s

Relaxation was next on my mind, so into the bathroom with some of the new Sainsbury’s restoration range.  I’ve recently been listening to the meditation app, Insight Timer, in particular the Yoga Nidra series or Sarah Blondell.  Both are soothing and life affirming, allowing a moment of pause at the end of the day.

restoration range sainsburys littlegreenshed May 2017
white ceramic jars | grey bath sheet – all Sainsbury’s

Simple additions to the bathroom space created a soothing atmosphere.  Fluffy bath sheets, storage to clear away clutter so my mind is free to relax.

restoration range sainsburys littlegreenshed May 2017
white ceramic storage containers | grey bath sheet | soap dispenser | tooth brush holder – all Sainsbury’s

A space to relax and chill out.  Now I only need to get a lock on the bathroom door!

The Restoration Range is available now in store and on line.

Collaboration Note:  Thank you to Sainsbury’s for sending the products for the purpose of this review.  All words and images are my own. Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.

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