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Working in social media is a lonely business. I know that sounds stupidly daft, and I can see that you are probably all thinking she’s talking out of her ass… but it is, believe me.  It takes a special kind of person to shout endlessly into the black hole void of the interweb… not knowing if anyone is listening or indeed if anyone cares.

I sit here, in my lounge, with only my cats for conversation whilst thinking up funny ‘one liners’ for twitter, or sharing that post I wrote on gardens two years ago.  I ‘chat’ endlessly on email to agencies, comment on instagram and check my bank balance daily to see if I’ve been paid – no, not today.

Blogging is not as it used to be. I could write a blog post about Rufus having chicken pox, and how the cake I made turned out like a biscuit and get 30 comments back.  Comments from women world wide empathising with the torments of motherhood.  Those were the days, when blogging felt like a community, 2010, back in the hay day.

Now, blogging and social influencing is big business.  Big money can be made if you have the right look, feed, engagement and style.  Now it’s all about the algorithm, checking in your competitors to see if they’ve bought bots, courting brands whilst waving and doing a head stand.  There are bloggers, sorry we aren’t called that anymore, SOCIAL INFLUENCERS, who start a blog / instagram / you tube – with a business plan to make money.  And making money they are – LOADS of it.

I started a little personal blog in 2010, about a family in Bristol who wanted a green life with an allotment.  Blimey how life has moved on.  The posts we basically me sharing my family news, or events from the weekend, a bunch of flowers or a walk in the woods – sadly these have gone, being replaced by our adventures and opportunities.  Brand endorsements and the like.  Don’t hate me.  I have to pay the bills.

But, but, this blog has changed our lives, one where I earn the main salary, Dan gave up his job in tea and now works with me.  My kids no longer hear those awful words ‘sorry we just can’t afford it’.  Instead I can book us a day trip to the zoo, or take us on holiday.  All thanks to starting Littlegreenshed.

But what is different from 2010 to 2017,  is you.  Those 30 odd comments on how I’m doing, how you are doing, aren’t there anymore.  Have you gone?  Have I bored you? I hope not. I’d like to see you here… commenting away.  I will reply, promise.  I miss you.

Please tell me what you like about LGS, what you miss and what you’d like to see included. More personal posts? More of Dan’s input? More on the kids?  More gardens, travel, day trips?  I’d love to know.

Leave me a comment below – and welcome back


  • I really appreciate that you have to pay the bills. I mean it. Having said that, I loved your old blog so much. I moved to the US from Bristol 4 years ago and used to love reading your personal posts. I found your blog via Just a little less blog and it made me think so fondly of home. I would love to read more of the old style of blog again. I can also appreciate that you want to protect your family’s privacy and I get that too. I find that I want to share stuff about my life on social media less and less. I’m just wondering if there’s a way your blog could evolve into more of a balance between your old simple living family type posts and those that are sponsored. I think you’ve done amazingly well to create a space where major brands want to work with you and I’m impressed that you’re brave enough to ask for constructive feedback.

  • Hi! I’m new to your blog and love it! I wish I had been here from the beginning. I do miss the simpler times in blogging. Thanks for being so honest!

  • Hi Lou
    I really like your adventures and travel posts. I think the washing machine post gave away the fact you are focusing on sponsorships rather than blogging. Its a difficult balance as people dont want to read anything with an obviously utilities (especially white goods) comercial subtext. I dont think they mind more hedonístic consumer experiences like travel, books, adventures etc. Im not complaining just giving my opinion on why you might be losing readers. Just something to think about.
    Good luck

  • I have been reading your blog for years…and have loved it. I personally miss the stories about your life, your family and such. I don’t enjoy reading blogs that have turned into one sponsered post after another. I don’t read blogs to shop, I read them to enjoy the community. So many have turned into A BRAND for someone else. I don’t want to sound all negative, I do understand each person has to support a family, and doing so from home is always a plus in my mind :) Just my thoughts……….enjoy your day and continue with whatever path you choose…………

  • We are here! I’m crap at leaving comments, and when I do it tends to be on twitter or Instagram, but I know what you mean about feeling like you’re talking into a void if you get no comments back! I’d love to hear more about the kids and parenting, but think that’s just because of where I am in my life right now!

  • Hello, Lou!

    Well, I’m reading! I can’t say how long I’ve been following you exactly because I simply can’t remember, but I’ve been blogging on and off since 2010 in various places.

    I now work for a marketing agency and write for other people’s blogs ALL day which means I write on my own blog less often than I used to. But funnily enough, spending most of my day on the ‘money’ end of the blogging world has given me renewed love for the personal blogging you’re referring to… the dinners, the weekend photographs, the poems – all the stuff we post without a thought to hits or subscribers.

    Personally I’d love to see whatever you enjoy writing about; I’m happy to read anything and everything from the bloggers I follow. When someone’s writing for the sake of it, you tend to see it in the tone and pace of the sentences, and that always has me coming back for more.

    That said – congratulations to you for making a business out of this, and for working with your partner too; that’s a big achievement and I’m so happy to hear it’s benefitting your family in that way.



    • Hello Flora,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment, I truly appreciate it. It’s been a difficult transition from personal to business blogging, but I hope I don’t make it seem to boring and corporate – as I would hate it turn out like that. So I’ll continue telling you all about my day :) thanks for following along xx

  • Hello from the other side of the “pond”!
    I’m a new reader; can’t remember how I found your blog but I enjoy it, immensely. I enjoy the look & feel of you site and you motivate me to look at my home (Northern California) & lifestyle with a more creative eye.
    Commenting on sites, isn’t my usual MO; in fact my husband calls me a “virtual stalker”, as I only view and don’t comment. But after reading your latest post, I had to at least say “Hi”.

    • Hi Deb! *waving*
      Oh thank you for your kind comments, I’m so please you find my blog useful when doing up your home.
      Please do say HI more often. Tell me how you are getting on with everything. x Lou x

  • Hi!
    I am new to your social media (just started following you on Twitter) and new to your blog, but I’d love to chat with you in comments for sure :)! I love the personal, nice feeling I get from your site :). Right now I am actually browsing back through your posts and I love the variety. (currently reading your kids bike buying guide.. I don’t have kids, but I just love reading stuff like this haha!)
    Love your work, and am so excited about what is yet to come! xxx.

  • Hello!
    Lovely to read your story and interesting to hear how things have changed! I’m relatively new to all this social media and especially Instagram but see it as an amazing opportunity for me to do what I love (plus my hubby would sooooo love to give up his day job!!)

    Loving your work and looking forward to following more!


    PS. I’m quite a chatty person and love to comment and leave feedback despite the time I takes but do worry not everyone wants to hear it so thank you! X

    • Hi Suzanne

      Thank you for leaving a reply, I really appreciate it. Do leave me comments! I need to know I’m here alone :) And yes go for it, still at Instagram, and it will pay off I promise. x

  • Hey Lou!

    I’m here, i’m always here. I think many people, myself included, tend to interact and comment over on Instagram now, even though we’re still reading blogs. I tend to know that my favourite bloggers have posted a new blog post when they mention it on Insta, so I click over within the app, read the post (still in the Insta app) then close the window and leave a comment on the Instagram post. Does that make sense? I think the lack of commenting directly on blog posts nowadays has a lot to do with how we are reading blogs. Not as many people read on a desktop (pretty much all my page views are from mobile devices), and it’s sometimes not as easy to leave a comment when you’re on your phone – it’s easier to just comment on an Instagram photo.

    I love reading your blog – regardless of whether its a partnership or not. I know how hard it is to make a living from blogging/freelancing and you’ve got to sell out a little bit sometimes to pay the bills. As long as you’re still posting about values that you believe in, brands that you would endorse yourself even if they weren’t paying you, and partnerships that make your eyes light up when they arrive in your inbox, I think that’s absolutely fine!

    Emma xx

    • Hey Emma

      I know, Instagram is kinda killing blogs, and this is in a way why I’m reaching out. As the algorithm is messing with Instagram, I think it’s about time we all go back to the blogs to keep the community alive.
      I totally get it, if I’m on my phone I can’t be bothered to write a large comment. Even on instagram. It’s too time consuming.
      Thank you for still hopping over to read the old blog, and I’ll continue to write a varied mix of partnerships and real life.
      Thanks lady xx

  • Hi

    I do read your blog, but this is the first time I have commented. I do like your posts about Bristol as I live in GL12, and my daughter works in Bristol right next to Temple Mead. Personally I like craft and home posts, but am happy to read a mixture. I will try to comment more often…

    • Hi Debdor

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Ah so nice to hear you are local and your daughter works in Bristol :) I shall try and write more about this beautiful city in future. Do keep in touch x

  • Hello
    I read your post this morning and I wanted to reply straight away. (This is my second reply as my first seems to have got lost on the ether somewhere. Helllloooo!!)
    As a Mum of one year old twin girls, and being a family of just the three of us living in a rural part of Shropshire – Finding and reading blogs like yours has been truly supportive and encouraging during this first year of being a Mum. Finding blogs and their creative writers who offer inspiring, thoughtful. reflective and creative content is just lovely.
    I can see that it must be strange and unsettling sometimes to balance and assess how a blog that you created for pleasure has changed and adapted to something else. However, you should be proud of what you have created, and that it has resonated with so many people. That you can earn a living from it, working independently is wonderful. I know money is always a thorny issue – but we all need it and you should never feel guilty, or awkward from earning it.
    I love the idea of the sisterhood which you are part of. I don’t have so much of that in my real life and always look for it. It is comforting to know it is here, at least.
    Lots of love to you. Corinne x

  • I do know exactly what you mean Lou. I love your blog still, but having seen it transition from your personal space to your business I feel that the element of you that made it so magic has effervesced away to be replaced by aspirational adventures and curated experiences, to coin some prime marketing wank. But I get it. I do. And I applaud your discipline and accumen. It feels like your heart is more in sisterhood these days and I can see why. And I am hugely grateful for the beauty you create.

  • Hello. How are you? I am brand new to your blog. Thank you for writing this post. I feel exactly the same. I write and post on my blog for the love. I some days wonder what’s the point. No comments, I haven’t cracked the secret to earning money from it. But I will carry on. And know I have your posts to read.

    Have a great day.

  • Hi I used to read your blog in the ‘old days’ and I enjoyed it I was a stay at home mum, allotmenteer and it resonated with me . I can see how your blog has evolved and how you’ve made it work for you and your family, but it is very different content to what it used to be and I’m afraid I rarely read it any more , partly because I don’t identify with it and also because I returned to work and re-started my career, so don’t have the time. I do still read blogs but they tend to be fashion / interiors I do still love your instagram page and still tag ‘nature in the home’ and roses around my hood as I will always love my garden and my flowers even though I feel I have very little time for them these days xx

  • Hello
    Just back from a run around our lovely harbour and a quick 5 minutes before I start today’s jobs – a really interesting read for me having just set up a small business online and starting my journey into the world of social media. I love your writing and photos – truly inspiring.
    Clare x

    • Hi Clare
      A run round the harbour! Blimey, I tried that once, and nearly died!
      Thank you for your comments and good luck with your new business, do tell me how you are getting on.
      Lou x

  • I’ve been reading your blog for about two years now and I don’t comment nearly as often as I should. I feel like no-one really stops to show appreciation for a post anymore but I suppose that’s because people read on the go or have lots of posts to go through, therefore don’t have time to stop and say ‘hi!’. I love your personal posts most of all, I’m not a nosey person but I do love reading about people’s everyday lives, even the mundane stuff. I relate to that more, and I find that people being authentic with their readers makes for more interesting content – I’ve lost interest in quite a few blogs that don’t seem to have any substance to their posts anymore, no personality or honesty or realness. I would love to get into the habit of leaving more comments for people, I think one of the biggest perks of blogging is having people genuinely enjoy your words and giving their appreciation, so I’d like to do more of that.

    Yeah, sorry for the ramble. Keep doing you.

    Kate /

    • Hi Kate

      2 years! Hurrah, so pleased you’ve stuck with me all that time :)
      Yes I agree, I love reading all about people’s lives, the good and the bad. I shall try to include some more personal family weekend posts, I actually miss writing those.
      Please do keep commenting, tell me about you more :)
      Lou x

  • Hello! I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but how are you? I tripped over your blog a few months ago while living in Worcestershire, wistfully missing my old life in Bristol and seeking ways to stay connected with life in the city. Now I’ve moved back Littlegreenshed is helping me rediscover old places and find new ones. Hello Midgley Green! So thank you for taking the time to share and do what you do. That it also gives you a way to earn enough for a good life makes it more awesome!

    • Hi Freya!

      Lovely to meet you! Thank you for commenting and following along. Ah Midgeley Green is amazing isn’t it? I hope to share more brilliant finds around Bristol and surrounding soon.

      Do keep in touch and welcome back to Bristol xx

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