Seasonal rituals // Summer manifesto 2017…

It’s that time of year again…. so it’s time for the LGS summer manifesto.  A little wish list of things we want to do / achieve over the coming six weeks.  These could be large day trips like to Legoland and to the seaside, plus camping and holidays.  Down to smaller everyday simple pleasures, like eating a juicy flat peach… oh my word they are my favourite.

So here in detail are some of the things we are up to:

Giffords Circus

We are off to the circus in a couple of weeks time, to the brilliant Cotswolds based – Giffords Circus.  We haven’t been for a couple of years, wanting to have a little break to come back at it with eyes anew.   This years show is called ‘Any port in a storm’ 

“It’s 2017 and Giffords Circus is visiting the Spanish court of the 17th Century. A thrilling, candle-lit, international gymnastic show with dancing horses, a live band and of course the king of mis-rule Tweedy the clown. A Giffords storm is brewing.”

Tickets for this brilliant show always sells out – so make sure you grab your seat soon.  We will be at the Minchinhampton Common show, just outside of Stroud.  But there are many locations around the Cotswolds to see it.


Our trusty bell tent is getting an airing once again this summer.  We’ve been looking at campsites in the South West are thinking North Devon, Dorset and perhaps over towards Brighton.  If you have any campsite suggestions – please let me know.  Preferably ones which allow fires and has access to wild swimming.


Yes, I’m having to give in on this one.  It pains me to spend so much money on one day trip, but I have a sneaking suspicion this might be Charlie’s last summer he will want to visit.  And as he is so adamant this is what he wants to do, then we must go.  There is a new Ninjago ride, which we are all excited to try.

Yoga whole 30

This is for me, not the kids.  I am challenging myself to go whole, so no processed foods or booze (gulp) for 30 days, plus do a yoga work out every damn day.  Wish me luck.  I’m not very good at will power – and I will miss a g&t!

So there… a few ideas for your own summer.  What are you up to?  Anything fun? Should I be adding them to my list?

  • What a fabulous list – really inspiring me to write my own list!
    My top camping tip is Tom’s Field near my favourite pub in the world: in Dorset.
    Look forward to seeing your adventures this summer…
    p.s. off to find out about the Yoga Whole 30 challenge and to see if there is a version where I can still drink Gin – haha #SorryNotSorry

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