Simple Style // Summer style and wearing your wardrobe…

What is your summer style?  I wish I could say I wear breezy linen and a sun kissed face, but in reality my ‘go to’ uniform is black skinny jeans and a shirt of some description.  I love the idea of a ‘uniform’ something to throw on in the morning, it feels right, comfortable and capable for the day’s tasks.   Perfectly nice, but every day?  No that is BORING.

This summer I am trying to wear my wardrobe, not literally my wardrobe, but to wear what it contains. Sounds like a daft statement doesn’t it, but if you are like me and get stuck in a top and jeans rut, then this post is for you.

So where do we start?

  1. Go through your wardrobe and drawers pull out all you have.  Assess it for a) do you like it, b) is it in good condition, c) have you worn it in the past year, d) will you miss it when it’s gone.
  2. Place the clothes into piles – keep, recycle or sell/charity.
  3. Take your old clothes to the recycling bins to be recycled or to your local charity shop.

Now you have a pile of clothes you love / want to wear, you need to start changing things up.

For example:

  • White linen shirt with rolled up mum jeans and gladiator sandals.
  • Floaty boho dress with white trainers.
  • White tshirt under a strappy dress.
  • Kimono over skinny jeans and a vest

Look at accessories too, pull out your handbags and change things up.  I tend to grab the same leather bag and leave the house – but with a bit of forward planning, a straw tote or gold clutch could be the perfect accessory to your trip to get a coffee – why not?

Most importantly, wear your clothes.  Simple idea, isn’t it?  Don’t keep a floaty dress for best, wear it on the school run.  Enjoy it.  Inspire others to get out of their ‘uniform’ and wear something that makes them feel alive.

Here are some of my favourite items out there:

wear your wardrobe littlegreenshed

Clockwise from top left: Caraway dress, Doen | white blouse, Anthropologie | Raffia slides, Etsy | Round basket, Wood and Grey | Red shoes, Boden | Kimono, Anthropologie

What is important here is that you enjoy playing with what you have.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a whole new look for summer.  Just enjoy trying things on, adding accessories and seeing what happens.

For inspiration why not stalk some of my favourite fashion bloggers, they really know how to wear clothes:

Erica Davies – The Edited

Julia Rebaudo – Stylonylon

Lucy Williams – Fashion Me Now

Alice Catherine

So the next time I see you, I want to hear all about your summer style wardrobe choices :)

  • Loved reading this! I think I definitely do have a summer ‘uniform’ – a cotton or linen Toast dress and either my Saltwaters or a pair of battered old trainers!

    And completely agree with your list of fashion bloggers – they’re pretty much the only women I look to for style blog posts.

    Also really love that you keep using my photo – puts a smile on my face every time I see it!

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