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The tribe of lou a new instagram project

Instagram is slowly loosing it’s appeal for many people.  I hear on forums, twitter chats and on the app itself that people are fed up with the ever changing algorithm.  Not only that, people are increasingly feeling stifled with the need to ‘curate’ their feed.  To live an ‘insta’ worthy life, and to only post their very best. Why? Well to ensure that their likes are up and growing followers, to monetise their feed as a micro influencer. Oh yes there is money to be had.

But if your followers don’t like your holiday selfies, pictures of the kids or your sunday lunch – then you aren’t going to gain in followings, likes and growth.  UGH – we’ve all heard that one eh?

Flowers, cups of tea and arty shots of misty woodlands are Insta gram gold and what the great public seem to love – but by god that is so bloody boring isn’t it?

The tribe of lou a new instagram project

So, feeling the despair of all of this… I have attempted to free up my instagram. Not by filling @littlegreenshed with the pictures of my holiday and the boys… but instead to start a whole new account, dedicated to us.  Our lives, warts and all. (Ish).

Introducing: @thetribeoflou

The tribe of lou a new instagram project

Images of me and my tribe… Dan, the boys, family, friends – us.  Starting with this holiday in France, I will be sharing snippets of real(ish) life, not curated, just us.  Hopefully this will stop me from feeling stifled and pissed off with the lack of likes or growth on my main feed. And to enjoy this app for what it is, a chance to share pictures I like. Hopefully at the same time, perhaps I will get inspired once more.

I hope you will like it – please do follow along.


Family @thetribeoflou

Blog Instagram @Littlegreenshed

Sisterhood @sisterhood_camp

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  • I completely agree about Instagram, I rarely use it these days. Accounts have become far too stylized, many so similar and to be honest I think too false. Gone are the days when people just simply share a photo of what they were up to without all the need for endless edits, re-takes, filters etc making sure the image fits in with the feed. And as for a number of accounts that have started advertising stuff, it does put you off following their accounts.
    I think your new account looks lovely there is no doubt about that, but I wonder what your thoughts are on sharing photos of your kids and their lives on social media?
    There is a lot in the news at the moment about whether we should as parents be posting so much about our kids on sites like Instagram, and as our children get older I feel it does start to affect them.
    I myself have stopped posting any pictures of my kids on my public Instagram account after my oldest started College, Year 7 and we agreed to him having a private account on Instagram, through that some of his peers found my account and mentioned seeing photos of him on there which made him feel quite uncomfortable, so he asked to not have any more photos of himself added. Doubled with the fact that they have lessons in college which cover social media and the sharing of images, we as a family decided it is best to limit photos of family life just to family and friends so yes just quite interested to know what your thoughts are on the subject.

  • I love your new account! Just this week o went through my feed and “cleaned out” all the accounts that I’d started following for giveaways or friends who are too into selling products. I love the pretty pictures and, as you say, real(ish) life pictures shared!

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