Simple living // A late summer picnic and Scan As You Shop with Tesco…

Tesco Scan As You Shop campaign Littlegreenshed Blog

Summer is having a final hurrah, with temperatures this Bank Holiday reaching heady highs… what better way to celebrate the end of summer holidays than a picnic in a field.  Grabbing a picnic blanket, plates and cutlery we headed to the countryside for a quiet afternoon of eating and climbing hay bales.

But what about the food?  Before leaving Bristol, we headed to our local Tesco Extra store to pick up a few delicious picnic essentials.  Our nearest Tesco Extra store is in Brislington, Bristol, and we were delighted to discover the new ‘Scan As You Shop’ system.  A neat way to shop, which cuts down on time, and queuing at the till.

Tesco Scan As You Go campaign Littlegreenshed Blog

As a busy mum, the food shop does take up a large chunk of time in my working day.  A usual weekly shop can take up to an hour, choosing the food, mental meal planning as I go round, the queue at the tills and then the packing of the bags at the end.  This is why I was interested in trying Tesco’s latest Scan As You Shop system which aims to help customers save money and provide a convenient way to save time during their weekly shop.

Close to the entrance we found the Scan As You Shop area, with rows of hand held scanners.  Using our Tesco Clubcard, we scanned the cards barcode, entered in our postcode and with a beep the handset flashed showing us which one to pick up.

We were off!  Heading straight to the fresh produce section we found delicious plums, blackberries and apples – perfect fruit for a ‘nearly autumn’ picnic.  Dan used the scanner, and scanned the barcode found on each of packets of food.  

Tesco Scan As You Go campaign Littlegreenshed Blog

The scanner beeps as it scans, and then displays the name of the product on the screen, with the amount. As you scan and go, the scanner totals up your basket, so you can easily see how much your spending. Dan found it very easy to use, and became a little ‘trigger happy’ and double beeped an item. But it was easy to remove it from the scanner total.  We found the handset very intuitive to use, with a few buttons and a simple screen, anyone could use it, even the kids.

Fresh fruit, artisan rye bread, quiche, soft cheeses and cordial and our picnic shop was complete.  We headed to the special Scan As You Shop tills, where a member of staff kindly talked us through how the check out worked.

Tesco Scan As You Go campaign Littlegreenshed Blog

Scanning the barcode at the top of the checkout screen, we were advised that we needed a random check by a member of staff.  Which meant that they had to make sure that our basket contained the items scanned.  A standard check on the first time of using the system.  

Once checked the products popped up on the screen, and asked us to pay.  Simple.  We were in and out of the store in minutes.  

Tesco Scan As You Shop campaign Littlegreenshed Blog

Food shopping done, we drove out of the city to rural Somerset and rolling fields, and found a field that had round bales of straw and set up our picnic.  Delicious food, tastes all the better outdoors.  With the taste of summer, and a hint of Autumn with blackberries and plums.  Best of both worlds.

We found the Scan As You Shop system quick, convenient and easy to use.  We were able to keep tabs on how much we were spending, pack our produce directly into our bags for life and check out quickly at the end.  I can see future food shops being quick and easy.

Collaboration Note:  This post was written in collaboration with Tesco, Scan As You Shop.  All words, thoughts and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.