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crane 29 canopy and stars

With all the excitement of the Summer holidays and getting away, I realised I haven’t shared with you our stay at Crane 29.  The most beautiful and unique crane house in Bristol, built by the team at Canopy & Stars.

Bristol has a maritime heritage and central to the City sits the harbour.  Once a busy trade harbour with ships docking from all over the world, it is now home to restaurants, pleasure boats, art galleries and museums, one of which being the Mshed.

The Mshed houses exhibitions of Bristol’s rich history. Sitting outside the museum are the cranes, used to load and unload these great ships.  Iconic, part of this Cities heritage.  So when Canopy & Stars said they were creating a treehouse on one of the crane’s I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.

The crane29 sits around three sides of the listed crane, and has been built in such a way that the crane is not damaged in anyway.  The design of the crane is to have a bit of country in the heart of the city, and they have created a sensory experience with plants, sounds of bird song and a living roof.

This low-impact build, supported by brilliant solutions from B&Q, is completely carbon neutral and built using sustainable materials. The treehouse will grace Bristol’s skyline for just four months, until 24th September 2017.

crane29 canopy & stars

crane29 canopy & stars

Dan and I had a wonderful time, staying in our City, less than a mile from our own house.  The chance to see the harbourside in all of it’s daily hustle and bustle, secretly tucked up in our little crows nest.

The interior has been tastefully decorated in a bohemian style with all the furnishings from Anthropologie.  During our stay I took over the Anthropologie Instagram feed, which was so much fun. I’m even wearing one of their dresses here.

There is still chance for you to win a nights stay Crane29. Head over to the Canopy & Stars website for more information.

Crane29 is in collaboration with Canopy & Stars, B&Q and are donating all profits from the treehouse to Friends of the Earth.

Collaboration Note:  Thank you to Canopy & Stars and Anthropologie for inviting us to stay in the Cranehouse for the purpose of this review.  All words and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.

  • I’d heard about this but didn’t quite realise how beautiful it is! Looks amazing, and lovely to have a staycation!


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