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Lou littlegreenshed 2017 autumn equinox

Tomorrow officially marks the Autumn Equinox, the first day of Autumn, hurrah! I adore autumn, the light, the colours, the misty mornings. I find in Summer I can’t think, I become anxious that I should be ‘out there’ soaking up the sun… when in reality summer is more about working around the school holidays and then child minding.  But hey….. that’s another story.

Autumn, for me, is all about planning, writing down intentions, preparing the home and yourself for winter.  I’m a sucker for season change. Especially when the season is associated with orange squashes and misty mornings and leaves crunching underfoot. Yes, I’ll take all the autumnal clichés, thank you.  Fluffy mittens and cocoa anyone?

You may remember my post a few weeks ago, about transitioning the home from summer to autumn, here are some more ideas for you, now that it is officially autumn….

lou littlegreenshed autumn equinox 2017

Bring nature into the home

  • This time of year I love to fill my home with dry seed heads, twisted branches and berries.  They make a lasting arrangement that will last through the winter months.
  • Display them in tall glass vases or bottles, grouped together they make an interesting arrangement.
  • read more about this in my Decorating for autumn post

Let the light in

  • Fill your home with scented candles this time of year I am drawn to earthy scents of sandalwood and woody notes.
  • Light up your dining table with some cute taper candles  placed inside opulent brass candle holdersand don’t save them for best. Light them even if you are having beans on toast.

Change up your table setting

Cosy up the bed

  • Invest in a set of beautiful natural bed linen. Real linen will keep you warm during the winter months.  Mix up the colours, a deep blue duvet cover with teal green and pink pillow cases.
  • Pull the warm blankets out of summer storage, air them in the sunshine, and drape them over your bed.  Think lots of layers.

Organise your wardrobe and drawers

  • Take out all of your clothes, and give them the once over. If you haven’t worn them since last summer, it’s time to say good bye.  Donate them to charity.  Items you are left with pack away neatly in a damp proof storage bag and store in the loft or wardrobe til next year.
  • Look through your winter wardrobe and replace anything you may need. Now is the time to invest in a new rain coat, woolly jumper or a sturdy pair of boots.

Make time for you

  • Eat well and look after yourself. Investing in a healthy eating plan now will serve you well come cold and virus season later in the year.  Cook warming soups and casseroles.  Get a large hob to oven dish that you can use for all of these recipes.
  • As the weather becomes colder, start exercising at home.  Yoga is always a good idea.

I hope these few changes to your home will help you enjoy this seasonal shift. Do let me know if you have any other rituals you love to do.

decorate on a budget for autumn

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