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In autumn more than any other season, I tend to fill our home with nature finds.  Walks in the woods will see us filling our pockets with acorns and conkers. A fallen stick covered in lichen or a pretty rust coloured leaf will find it’s way in to the home.  Gathering them on our dining room mantelpiece,  a ‘nature table’ of sorts.

What better items to have on show than a bowl of shiny conkers or a vase of poppy seed heads?  Am I alone in this? I hope not.

If you are looking for some tips in decorating this season, then this post should help…

autumn decorating


Squashes of all colour and form, to me, are just beautiful.  Our neighbourhood greengrocers has a local supplier who brings in unusual varieties, turks turban, acorn and crown prince… all different colours from bright orange, green and grey.  This delicious food group not only makes a yummy meal, but they also are pretty to look at too.

Why not pile them in a large shallow bowl for a simple table arrangement.  Place them on your bookshelf as an edible book end.  Squashes do have a long shelf life, but check them regularly to see if they are going soft.

Foraged Finds

It’s no surprise that I LOVE bringing bits of found autumnal beauty inside to decorate my home. A fallen branch covered in grey lichen stuck into a tall vase can add interest to a table.  A handful of acorns, conkers or seed pods can be collected by the kids and displayed in a bowl on a side table.

Gather dried stems from vines (clematis, sweet pea or runner bean if you can find them) twist them into a circle to make a informal wreath.

Seasonal Scents

You may remember my post back in early summer, where I shared how to make your own room scents, well at this time of year smells that evoke the earth are key.  Cinnamon and cloves and nutmeg and allspice are all warming smells and are incredibly autumnal.  There are a few ways that these spices can be used to scent your space… use spice jars from the supermarket, add them to dishes as you cook, the smell will naturally fill your home.   Buy essential oils of clove or cinnamon, and diffuse these on an oil burner in a little water.  Or burn natural beeswax or soy wax candles that have these oils in them.

I hope these suggestions have inspired you til fill your home with natures beauty and natural smells of the season.

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