Scenes from Sunday // Bristol Botanic Gardens in early September…

This weekend was spent dodging the rain and keeping it slow and steady.  With the first week of term, and the back to school alarm clock, we want this first weekend of September to be really slow paced.

After the morning at home, we ventured out to the botanical garden for a wander around the tropical glasshouses.  A favourite of mine, but when I mentioned it to the kids that we should visit, they did half moan!  ‘Oh god, that’s boring!’

But, once there, they were transported to world of plant fascination, playing with leaves, looking at insects and marvelling at nature. – Mummy 1, kids 0 – on the weekend score I think!

My favourite glasshouse out of the three, is the cacti.  Desert loving species from all over the world.  Odd shaped spiky forms, hilarious to the kids.  Some looking like characters from the Muppets and others like small pebbles.

Last week I bought a new lens for my Olympus OMD MII – and the glasshouses were the perfect chance to test it out.  I still have a lot to learn, but I am loving the bokeh effect, and the light that it captures.

So, if you are looking for a wet weather adventure, take your kids to the nearest glasshouses.  They will moan, before hand, but I will assure you they will love once they are there.  Also, convincing them that the shop sells cake is always a good incentive, even if  I did lie! ha.