Simple Style // Late Summer adventures with Seasalt…

Seasalt and Littlegreenshed August picnic campaign

(This post is written in partnership with Seasalt Cornwall).

I’m ‘almost’ at a point of autumn ready.  Ready for winter boots, thick tights and rain macs. Almost. There is something so wonderful about pulling on a pair of sturdy ankle boots that makes me feel I can conquer the world.  Don’t you agree?

This year’s ankle boots are courtesy of Seasalt Cornwall. A navy blue pair called ‘Rosie’ in the wonderful colour named ‘Fathom’.  Navy blue with a hint of black.

So last week I stepped out in my new boots, taking the boys on a final summer picnic and a walk into the nearby fields, and mainly for a play in the tall maize.

seasalt late summer adventure
Lou is wearing the (Left) Bowsprit jacket in wreckage // (Right) Polpeor shirt with seagull print / Landscapist skirt in denim / Rosie ankle boot in fathom

Maize fields remind me of my childhood, watching films where aliens appear from the tall stems! There is something so exciting about disappearing into the thick undergrowth, almost disappearing from view in an instant.  My two boys love it.  I could hear their naughty giggles, as they conspired to jump out on me.

After a few hours of running around the fields, we were all ravenous, so settled down for a picnic in the neighbouring hay field.  Soft cheese, sourdough bread and juicy plums.  It felt like we were in the famous five!  Although I forgot to bring the ginger pop!

seasalt late summer adventure

I love this time of year.  Hedgerows are bursting with blackberries and trees are abundant with stone fruits and apples.  To me these make the best kind of picnic foods, simple, seasonal and super tasty.

seasalt late summer adventure
Bowsprit Jacket in wreckage / Polpeor shirt with seagull print
seasalt late summer adventure
(Left) Landscapist skirt in denim / Bosvenning Jeggings / Rosie ankle boot in fathom // (Right) Sailor shirt in ecru night

As with a usual British summer, the clouds closed in on our picnic, and rain stopped play for a while as we gathered our food and blanket back into the car.  I was thankful to be wearing my Seasalt Bowsprit Jacket which is both waterproof and breathable, perfect for those warm, wet days of early autumn.

seasalt late summer adventure

The rain didn’t last long, and soon we were back running around the maize, making up stories of intrigue and adventures. 


Collaboration Note:  This post was written in collaboration with Seasalt Cornwall as part of my ongoing partnership with them.  All words thoughts and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this post possible.