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Press trips are becoming increasingly the norm in my business.  Brands are wanting to not only share their product with social influencers and their followers, but are increasingly wanting to share the brands ethos by taking bloggers to the source or creating an event.  I think it’s a great idea.  I love to fully get to know a brand, and in turn this helps me create valuable content.  I get a real feeling of a brand, and in turn so do you.

Press trips can last from an afternoon to a full week away, depending on the brand.  So, overseas or closer to home, what should you take with you to ensure your trip runs smoothly and you have all you need to create great content….

What to pack on a press trip


  • Chargers! Take your laptop charger, phone charger & camera charger. The amount of times I’ve arrived at the airport without my phone charger!
  • Adaptors – if travelling overseas. If you have room, take a four plug extension lead, this way you can charge many devices on one adaptor in your hotel room.
  • A spare camera battery.
  • A spare USB battery pack for your phone – in case you run out of juice in the wilds.
  • Spare SD card for your digital camera
  • Laptop – obviously. To work on whilst away. Plus to stream something to watch in your hotel room, to chill after a day of exploring.
  • Camera – I have given up taking my large DSLR on press trips. They are a heavy and expensive piece of kit to lug around. Instead I have bought a small Olympus OMD E-10 mark 2. It’s compact, light and takes incredible pictures. Invest in something that allows you to move freely and doesn’t give you back ache.
  • Noise cancelling headphones are your best friend. Don’t forget to download podcasts or your favourite music to spotify for a long train or plane journey.

Self preservation

  • Snacks. I take a packet of almonds, some oat bars and also packets of green tea bags, as my bit of ‘home’ whilst I’m away.  Most hotel rooms will have a kettle.
  • Netflix or Amazon Prime on your laptop – is a must. Just zone out and relax in your hotel room before dinner.
  • Pack your favourite PJ’s so you feel special even if your hotel room isn’t.
  • Take your favourite creams, lotions and potions and give yourself some ‘me’ time before bed.
  • Ear plugs – so you can sleep in the noisiest of places.
  • Clear make-up bags so you can see what you are looking for, plus they tick the airport security boxes.
  • Invest in a sturdy carry on bag.  This is new to me, after years of taking any old bag on the plane, I now have one that is strong and can take all that I need. And has a zip for security.
  • Take a four wheeled travel case, one that be taken on board, no waiting at the carousel for your bags is a godsend. Plus they are easy to wheel around. Hard cases are best.
  • A long scarf which can double up as a blanket or pillow on long journeys.


  • Business cards. The amount of times I get asked for one, but never have one! Get them. You can’t rely on people using Instagram!
  • Download a copy of the brief onto your phone, so you have access to hashtags and what is needed from you close to hand.
  • Keep copies of receipts by taking a photo on your phone and then discard the paper copy.
  • Get a bookkeeping app on your phone and add your receipts as you go.  I use Quickbooks.
  • Add the airlines app to your phone and check in via this.  The app will store your e boarding pass and also give you access to flight tracking and delays.
  • Update your phones calendar with your flights, tickets and hotels, so you have it all to hand.
  • Invest in a nice passport holder so you can find it easily.

Above all remember that these few days will be intense and exhausting. It’s not a holiday and you are there to work. Try to carve out a little time to yourself during the day, and go to bed early!

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