Seasonal Rituals | Autumn forage in the woods…

walk in the woods with seasalt cornwallSometimes the smell of Autumn just takes hold of me, and there is a real need in me to go to the woods. I love to forage for wild mushrooms, except I really wish I knew what I was doing, mushroom identification is a dark art, that’s for sure.  My style of foraging is that I gather plenty, come home to identify them, get scared and end up throwing them on the compost heap!  I should take a foraging course, and learn properly.  Any suggestions?

Other than that, there is real magic in the woods at this time of year. Golden leaves, tumbling from the canopy, mushrooms sprouting from the woodland floor and signs of squirrels eating chestnuts.  I love being there, as do most of the city it seems.  The local woods + half term = a riot of wild kids and crazy dogs.

walk in the woods with seasalt cornwall
Lou is wearing Sailor Shirt in Breton Night Anise top by Seasalt Cornwall
walk in the woods with seasalt cornwall
Lou is wearing Tiller Coat in Spice / Salior Shirt in Breton Night Anise / Bosvenning Jeggings / Rosie Boot in Fathom – all by Seasalt Corwall

Our local woods sits atop a deep gorge, with Clifton Suspension Bridge astride it.  A short ride out of Bristol and we could be in the wilds, breathing in lungfuls of fresh air.  It’s a place we have always come to, taking the kids as toddlers to ride their balance bikes, to hosting Rufus’ birthday parties there.  Think 30 six year olds running around dressed as super heroes.  That was a fun and chaotic morning, I can tell you (never again!).

walk in the woods with seasalt cornwall
Lou is wearing Lithograph Jumper and Winter Tide Hat  –  both by Seasalt Cornwall.

This Autumn has come early, leaves are falling quickly to the ground long before November.. I shall imagine they will be quite bare by December… I dread that feeling of bleak winter, but togged up in  warm clothes like my new Seasalt Tiller Coat I should be alright.  That and a warm merino jumper to keep the chills at bay.

walk in the woods with seasalt cornwall
Lou is wearing Lithograph Jumper and Winter Tide Hat both by Seasalt Cornwall.

walk in the woods with seasalt cornwall

Dan and I had our first proper kiss in these woods. It felt right in a romantic kind of way :)  The both of us have these woods in our soul, it felt fitting that we should get together there.  It will always feel special, even on the dampest of days.

walk in the woods with seasalt cornwall

Once home, we all have a warm glow in our cheeks as we settle down to a movie with the kids and some hot chocolate.  Gotta love Autumn!

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