Simple Living // Rufus’ bedroom makeover…

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It’s that time again.  Living in a tiny house, with increasingly growing children means we need to re-address rooms to make them work for the next few years.  This time it’s Rufus’ bedroom.  Ru turned 10 last month, and with that we felt we needed to make his room ‘work’ for him now and for the next few years.

Key elements to the room must have: built in storage, a desk for him to do his war hammer painting and homework, and a place for all his books. My boy is a ferocious reader!  His current space has mismatched furniture that are too small or ill fitting for his small room, so we wanted to streamline everything.

Enter – a bespoke plywood space.

rufus bedroom makeover mood board
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The look we are going for is Scandinavian simplicity.  Khaki green walls, with plywood storage, and simple furnishings.  Rufus chose the green, which I think will look lovely.

Dan loves to work with plywood. He recently made a kitchen for our neighbours, and has started on ours (which is currently on hold until next year).  Plywood is easy to work with, warm and functional.

We are planning to make a platform bed, with drawers underneath to maximise space.  The drawers will be large enough to store all his clothes and more.  Around the bed, headboard, will be a series of cubby holes for all his treasures and books.

Opposite the bed, next to the window, will be his desk and more storage filling up the whole wall.  Dan has made a start this half term. Ru is having a ‘sleep over’ in Charlie’s bedroom – which they are LOVING!

I can’t wait to show you the finished room!

Here are a few of the details I want to put into his space – once the DIY has finished.

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