Seasonal Rituals | Advent calendar…

This year time has slipped away from me :( and I haven’t been able to make the boys an Advent Calendar.  But I’m not going to sweat it, my boys have lots of great things lined up in the next month, so not having a ‘handmade’ advent calendar isn’t going to be a disaster.

In fact, letting that pressure off myself has made me feel so much better.  Honestly, as a woman and a mother we have enough bloody guilt and workload in our everyday life, that not making an advent calendar this year isn’t going to make me feel bad.

This year I have bought an advent calendar from IKEA.  24 small animal boxes, with number stickers, ready to be filled with chocolate, stars and secret notes.  I may not have made the boxes, BUT, I have filled each and every one with love.  To be honest, my kids won’t mind that the boxes are from IKEA, they are only excited about the chocolate, and who can blame them.

So if you are looking for some advent calendar inspiration to make yourself – please check out my Advent Calendar pinboard.  Or if you are like me, don’t have time or inclination to make one, then please look at my round up of the best advent calendars on the market – for both kids and grown ups.

Advent Calendar round up

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