Seasonal Rituals | wrapping gifts…

Gifting season is upon us!  I’m busy curating my annual gift guides full of thoughtful gifts from our favourite makers and indie shops, plus a handful of cool tech gifts from larger brands.  But I thought I would start off this festive season with my a gift wrapping post.

To me Christmas gift wrap doesn’t need to be all about traditional colours of red or gold, but instead use what you have and have fun.  This year I have chosen a beautiful geometric paper in a soft white and grey, not really Christmassy in the normal shiny tinsel sense, but I like it. I’ve teamed it with raw silk ribbon and these pretty pink berries from my local florists.

gift wrapping season 2017I need to confess, I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to Christmas shopping.  I have good intentions and wander around gorgeous indie shops here in Bristol, thinking ‘this is really lovely, who can I buy it for?’ and in actual fact it’s just me!  My family members actually don’t want Aesop hand cream or pretty nude pink candles like I do!  Ah well…. I’m sure you guys will like what I choose :)

In fact, whilst we are being honest, this pretty gift, with the beautiful paper and hand dyed silk ribbon will NOT be for the kids, but for my lovely friends who will appreciate this sort of thing.  I love it when people save paper and ribbons.  This is stuff is definitely not to be added to the fire!

Anyway details of this years festive wrapping:

  1. Esme Winter wrapping papers
  2. Raw Silk ribbons from Ferns Fairytale on Etsy
  3. Twine from my local garden centre
  4. Muslin from Ray Stitch
  5. Random natural bits berries and flora from my local florist
  6. Floral post cards from Lucy Auge

I adore these pretty kraft card post cards from local Bath artist Lucy Auge, again not particularly Christmassy but I think a beautiful card will be kept and works with anything.

So that is my gift wrapping look this year, 2017.  Here are some other wonderful ideas you’d might like to try…

For more wrap inspiration please check out my wrapping pin board.

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