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top nail colours for winter

High Five Alert!

You may remember my post earlier in the month, on my goals for 2018?  One of those goals was to stop biting my nails.  Well ta dah! I’ve only done it.  It’s been just three weeks and I’m super proud of myself.

To mark two weeks of nail growth I had a manicure, to encourage me to continue my ‘non-biting’ journey.  Dark green OPI gel called ‘stay off the lawn‘.  I absolutely love the colour.  So cool.  What do you think?

I must admit I am getting a little ‘nail colour’ obsessed and pinning inspiration.  Go check out my beauty board.

top winter nail colours

So what are my favourite nail colours for winter?

Deep Orange

The colour of clementines. This zesty colour will brighten the dreariest of days.  I think I might go orange next time!  OPI santa monica beach is the closest to this colour.

Dark Green

For green to look cool and not kermit, go for a glossy dark green, the colour of evergreen leaves or your favourite cheese plant.  My nails are OPI stay of the lawn.

Navy Blue

Classic and cool. I think navy blue nails is the most totally acceptable colour to wear at work.  Navy is like the little black dress of nails.  Try OPI Russian Navy.


Deep wine red is a sophisticated grown up take on the more brassy red.  Why go for a matte colour for a different look or mix it up with painting one nail in gold glitter.  Try OPI dark cherry.

I have included links through to Amazon and have only included OPI products – purely because this is the brand that my nail salon uses, and it’s nice to go into my appointment with a colour in mind.  Even if I tend to change my mind once I’m faced with the wheel of colours!

So tell me, what is you favourite colour for the season?  Or do you still to one colour year round?  I’d love to know, being a nail polish novice!

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  • I love it! Well done. That dark colour is gorgeous.
    I don’t get my nails done myself. I had shellac done once and my nails didn’t like it at all. They became super thin for some strange. I buy Primark’s Essence gel nail polish. It’s only EUR1.80! It really looks like gel nails. It doesn’t last as long, but I’ve become used to putting it on myself. I think I have it in all colours at this stage.

    I’m trying to find a really nice grey colour. Any greys I’ve tried either look to brown/yellowish (like I’ve been smoking!) or too purple, more leaning to lavenderish.

    • Ah thank you! I’m really bad applying it myself, get in a right mess. I’d rather pay someone. But 1.30 euros you can’t go wrong. I’m going to look those up. x

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