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littlegreenshed kitchenI’ve been so bloomin head down in work at the moment that my home has fast become a dumping ground of ‘stuff’.  Especially our kitchen.  Just dumped – never actually put away or given a home.

Our teeny tiny kitchen has very little cupboards or work space.  A narrow ‘galley’ style kitchen which is open plan to the dining room, and can be seen as soon as you walk in through the front door.  Yes even the postman can see the clutter!  Crikey – something needs to be done.

With this in mind I thought about how I use my kitchen, and what I would like to store and importantly how it should be stored.  I use my kitchen everyday, cooking all our meals from scratch, so the most important storage to me is the pantry.  A place where all the ‘staples’ of cooking are stored. Spices, tins of chickpeas and coconut milk, jars of dried lentils and quinoa.  I tend to hoard ingredients, all kinds of lentils, wild rice, brown rice, bread flour, three types of quinoa… and more.

I know it’s not the sexiest job in the world, but think of it as a investment to a more streamlined kitchen and a way of cooking better.  Here are some tips:

A streamlined kitchen – purge your pantry

  • Have big bin liner close to hand to throw out of date stuff or a box for potential food donations. A notepad and pencil are handy for noting down things you toss that need replacing.
  • Take everything out, one shelf/section at a time. Sort the items as you go, getting rid of anything expired or that you’ve opened but know you are not going to eat. If you are like me, you may well have several boxes of fruit flavoured tea, that you don’t like.  Transfer things that are unopened and still good, but that you don’t think you’ll actually eat, to the donation box – make a note to take it to a needy charity.
  • Once a shelf is cleared, clean it. Clean with a damp cloth and your normal household cleaning spray.  I’m currently using 7th Generation products.  Green, non toxic spray.  I
  • Invest in some good storage jars.  I love to use large glass kilner jars so I can see everything clearly particularly good to see when something is running out.  Ikea have a great selection of affordable kitchen storage products.
  • Replace the items on the clean shelf, giving them a quick clean with a damp cloth as you go.
  • I like to put things on a low shelf that the boys like to eat, such as cereal or bread sticks.  So they can easily make themselves breakfast in the morning.

I hope you find this useful.  I know its a dull job, but I hope this small clean will help to transform you kitchen.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affliliate links.  Please note this post was originally written 2017.

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