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I can’t wait for Spring.  I’m dying to get out there and potter in my small courtyard.  At the moment I have pots with green tulip shoots popping up through the soil and unrecognisable shoots of plants that I’ve forgotten I’ve owned. What are they?  Time will tell once they fully emerge.

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and start planning and playing with your outside space.  And if you are in need of some inspiration, then look no further than Selina Lake’s newest book; Garden Style.  Not a gardening handbook as such, it doesn’t tell you how to grow plants – it’s not for those wanting a gardening manual or a ‘how to’.  Instead in Selina’s brilliant way, this book guides you through how to style your space and make the most of what you’ve already got.

Lou Archell - Garden Style Selina Lake Book tourFlicking through the beautiful pages I am obsessed with massing vintage terracotta pots full of herbs.  Or having a battered table strewn with pots or gardening paraphernalia.  The tips in Selina’s book have been beautifully captured by photographer Rachel Whiting.  I am craving green and sunshine.  Mooching around National Trust gardens or trips to the garden centre to source packets of seeds.

Lou Archell - Garden Style Selina Lake Book tourThe book is divided into chapters; garden inspirations, decorating your garden, bringing the outside in, garden rooms, greenhouses and sheds, relaxing outdoors and eating outdoors. My favourite chapter is the greenhouses and sheds – of course!  There is a shed in there that to be honest is my shed of dreams.  It belongs to stylist Rose Hammick and was built by her husband using recycled wood and windows.  I would happily move in!
Lou Archell - Garden Style Selina Lake Book tourI have big plans for our little courtyard.  I hope to bring in more trees and shrubs and perhaps have a little table to raise the height of some of the pots, so that they can be seen from the dining area.  I am going to sow sweet peas in a large galvanised bucket, and have some vegetables in amongst the roses and hydrangeas.  I love a cottage garden all mixed together.

Lou Archell - Garden Style Selina Lake Book tour

It’s nearly Spring – exciting isn’t it?

Garden Style by Selina Lake is published by Ryland Peters and Small.

Garden Style by Selina Lake is available to buy from yesterday from all good bookshops and online, in the usual places.

This review is part of a little book blog hop, pop over to Lobster and Swan , 91 Magazine  and to Selina Lake’s blog too to read more.

  • Great photographs! I’m also looking for some garden inspiration at the moment. I’ve recently moved from a flat in the city to a home in Devon and it’s so nice to actually have a big amount of outdoor space! I think having the perfect garden can really make a house into a home, and give you a space to relax and enjoy. I need to get designing mine, especially with Summer approaching!

  • Excited here too ♥ I really enjoy your blog and am happy to have found it. Thinking about purchasing Garden Style too. I can’t wait to get back to work in the garden on a daily basis.

  • Lovely post! Will you put up pictures of your little courtyard at some point. Would love some inspiration. We have a small courtyard space too and would love some ideas.

  • This looks a wonderful book Lou – I think my favourite chapter will be greenhouses and sheds too. If you want some foxgloves we have 100’s of wild ones here. Drop by if you are passing and I will bag some up!

  • Lovely post! I am so excited for Spring…. I have just bought my first house, so really looking forward to getting stuck into the gardening.. I really want a cottage garden feel to it too. So pretty. Will have to get a copy of that book :)

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