Seasonal Rituals | Spring Equinox…

Today heralds the Spring Equinox, surely the start of actual Spring and a point where day will slip slowly by the hour toward Summer.  Days are lengthening and light is returning once more.

It’s all happening this week, the Equinox, and the Clocks going back…. lighter evenings at last!  What will be do with that extra hour?  Well here are some suggestions to ease you into Spring…

Plants some seeds

Now is the perfect time to plant some seeds for Summer blooms or edibles.  I love to have a tipi of Sweet Peas in my garden every year, their scent is a must for me.  Start your seedlings off by soaking them for 8 hours in water.  Then plant them in tall tubes (I use the insides of a loo roll) as Sweet Peas, as with all of the legume family, like to have long roots.  Pop them on a sunny windowsill and you will have pea shoots in a couple of weeks.

Pot up a Spring display for Mum

I got my gardening gene from my Mum, and her from my Nan.  Each year, on Mothers Day, I have given her something for the garden. Last year, a white Lilac bush.  This year, I think a rose or perhaps a fox glove.  In the past I have bought a pretty terracotta pot, and planted paperwhites daffodils and purple pansies to give.  Adding a ribbon for a flourish.  Head down to your nearest garden centre for inspiration.

Get outside

This extra hour in the evening gives us a great reason to get out and exercise.  My favourite two being Yoga and cycling.  Start your exercise regime now, and you’ll be super fit by mid-summer.

Equinox Feast

Grab your nearest and dearest and prepare a seasonal feast.  It needn’t be fancy (although I do love a bit of showing off!).  Fresh seasonal ingredients are the key – why not try my cumin chicken recipe.  Add  some foraged branches of blossom, it is all you need.

Book something for you to look forward to

Winter is behind us now, time to look forward and plan something for you.  Enrol in a new hobby or class. Book into a relaxing spa or why not come along to a Sisterhood event.  Use the Spring as a time for change and renewal, and invest in yourself.

Get out and photograph the blossom

Spam the hell out of Instagram, everyone is doing it!  It has to be the MUST thing to do this season.  Here are a few Spring hashtags to get you going:






What are you planning this Spring?

disclaimer:  This post was originally written March 2017.

  • These are all very lovely ideas, I’ve been thinking about planting up some pots with wildflowers to make mini meadows for the bees.

    I also feel obligated to mention that the clocks go forward next weekend not back! I’d hate for you to be late on the Monday :). My dad always told me to remember it as ‘Spring forward, Fall back’ (although it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to fall forward and spring back I always thought, so might not be the most helpful mnemonic..)

    Kayte |

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