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I often get asked why I started Sisterhood Camp.  Where did my inspiration come from?  Well to be honest it was started with an innocent need to connect with like minded women.  To bring together all those creative women I had ‘met’ over the internet.  A camp in North Devon – a chance for us to switch off from work.

The majority of women I knew were in the blogging / artistic community who I had met through blogging and at an event or two.  Most women were like me, freelancing, working from home alone most days.  Like me, they often found it a lonely place, silently working away with the hum of the fridge for company.  I desperately wanted connection.

So, in May 2015 I gathered together 30 or so women, to create, make, and connect.  It was fun, it was rowdy and unplanned.  But that connection was so good.

Since that initial event, we have ran a further 3 retreats and 2 workshop/lunches.  All have been a huge experience.  A massive learning curve in my event planning and people managing abilities – I’m not skilled in either of those subjects so I had to learn fast.

Some of our event have been glorious, others, over capacity and to be honest a little stretched.  But what has emerged from all of these events is that there is a need to connect.  To build a community, to share our stories both good and bad.  Sisterhood Camp provides a safe place to share our deepest secrets and our hopes and dreams for our lives and career.

It has been a catalyst to so many women to launch their own businesses, to leave their office job and step up into their dream freelance life.  Fireside chats of encouragement has allowed this to happen.

These wonderful life affirming events aren’t down to me, I’m just the ‘event organiser’ – it’s down to the women themselves.  Who relax and connect.


I know that there are women worldwide who would like to be able to come to one of our events.  But due to location, money, family commitments or time – are unable to do so.  So, in order to be more inclusive, this Summer we are launching the Sisterhood Camp Community.  An online version of our retreats.

  • A chance to connect with like minded women.  Find your tribe. Seek encouragement and advice.
  • Learn new skills through our carefully sourced  workshop leaders.  Learn at your own pace.
  • Have exclusive access to articles and resources developed just for the Sisterhood Camp Community.
  • Receive discounts to any of our events.
  • And so much more.

If you are interested in joining our community.  We would love to have you.  Just sign up to our community list for information on when we are launching.  Oh and there is a free e-event guide too!  Double bonus.

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