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Today was glorious, sunshine streaming in through the windows I bathed myself as I sat at the table working.  But sunshine also highlights my lack of cleaning, I am not a good house keeper, in fact I am rather shoddy at it. I much prefer to be working or playing than cleaning.  I know I am not alone!

I have white walls throughout the house. White walls with dirty hand prints all over. Door trims with sticky marks.  The stair treads are a mess of coffee drips and fluff.  There are balls of dust and fluff under every piece of furniture and crisps under the sofa cushions.  The list goes on… but I do feel better for admitting it!

This Spring I am determined to tackle this dirty secret.  To start a proper cleaning regime and stick to it. There is no point spending all this time and money on redecorating and filling my home with beloved items to leave it filthy.

So for the next few weeks I am slowly going to tackle this house, room by room, giving it a deep clean, de-clutter and airing.  I’m not one to use harsh chemicals or cloying scents, preferring to use natural ingredients or environmentally friendly products.

So, here’s a list of what I shall be using:

cleaning cloths

I like to use microfibre cloths.  They are highly absorbent, great for cleaning away dust.  I have lots, and throw them in the washing machine once dirty.


Cheap and really effective. Vinegar can lift grease, polish woodwork and give windows and mirrors a sparkle.  I mix it with water and a few drops of lavender or orange essential oil for great scent.  But to be honest I don’t mind the vinegar smell.

wash soft furnishings

cushions, throws, bed linen, curtains, rag rugs and sheepskins are going to be washed in a mild detergent.

spray bottles

If you want to make your own cleaning products you will need some spray bottles.  These can be found in any diy store or supermarket.

open the windows

I know it’s still quite cold, but on a bright sunny day, open the windows wide and allow airflow through the house.  Perfect for removing stale air, bringing energy to shut up rooms.


Over winter we have let things pile up.   Spring is a great time to reassess items you may have not used for a year, are they broken, too dirty to get clean, no longer liked.  I suggest you just go through each room systematically, make piles for charity, to sell or take to the tip.  You will feel so much better – honest!

We made a start this weekend, culling and cleaning stuff from upstairs.  We still need to tackle the kitchen….

Tell me, what your tips on spring cleaning?

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  • Thanks for sharing, Lou x I too am a shoddy cleaner! I like the idea of natural cleansers – the investment in a steam cleaner has been a revolution – I can do the floors & also have it hand held for use in the bathroom & a quick whizz over mattresses (it’s not much cop for alllll the other things it says it’ll do, but I’m pretty impressed so far :0)

    • OOO a steam cleaner. I need one! You put it on the mattress how does that work? Will they be damp after? God I’m such a crap house keeper, no clue!!! x

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