Interiors & Decor | Nude inspiration for a bedroom…

If you follow my Instagram stories, I recently shared my search for a suitable paint colour for our bedroom.  The mid-tone grey it was previous painted in was all very nice, very dramatic but very cold.

Our bedroom is north facing and gets very little sunshine until the evening when the sun comes around and sets.  Upon waking it’s a cold dark room, and after this long cold winter I decided to Spring clean and redecorate.

I wanted a warm colour with red undertones to give the space some warmth, and I have been drawn to nude and terracotta tones just recently.  I just needed to convince Dan, that nude didn’t mean pink.

This nude tone seems to be having a bit of a moment.  A real spring colour and a perfect neutral.  Even the May issue of Elle Decoration has it on their front cover!  I must be on to something right?

Nude, to me is an earthy caramel colour.  Not too pink, not too beige – sitting somewhere in between.  A caramel peach or a cafe au lait.

I wanted the colour to lift my space, and to be a suitable back drop to my prints and plants.  A gentle on the eye colour that will make me feel warm and calm up on waking.  And for it to feel cosy when I go to sleep.

Not too much to ask eh?

A little sneak peek at the colour we opted for.  I LOVE it!  We nailed that caramel peach tone, I think.  I can’t stop staring at the colour… it’s just so dreamy!

A full reveal of our bedroom makeover will be on the blog very soon.  I’m just waiting to finish the woodwork and put up some pictures, and then I shall share it all.



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