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Hasn’t the weather been glorious?!  My little urban courtyard garden has been a sunny oasis of calm for me just lately.  I’ve spent many an hour sitting out there, working.  Our space is tiny.  With enough room for a few pots, the washing line and a small round table and a couple of chairs.  That’s it.  Not much room for a space dedicated for lounging.  I needed a place to read, to sit and listen the city outside the walls of my courtyard, and just relax. So how was I going to manage that?

Thankfully, Wyevale Garden Centre must have read my mind as they asked me if I’d like to create an urban garden oasis. Hurrah!

Let me tell you about our garden space.  A few years ago it was damp, mossy and gross.  The floor was concrete, cracked and harsh under foot.  We had a shed made out of concrete slabs and a rotten asphalt roof.  An over grown honeysuckle and not much else.  It was horrible.

So, Dan built a new shed for his tools and wood working equipment.  A beautiful black corrugated shed, with lighting, and height.  The floor was paved in cobble sets, and we decided to put plants into tubs and containers.  A perfect little space for our family. Here are a few images, of the garden before Wyevale helped us:

But, we forgot the fundamentals – places to lounge and enjoy our lovely space.  Enter Wyevale Garden Centre.  With their help, I looked through their selection of outside furniture they sell online, and chose a garden bench.  The bench would sit just underneath the workshop window, a spot to sit in the evening sun.

This particular bench is called Rosemoor, after the RHS garden.  I love that I have a bit of RHS heritage in my back yard.  Seeing as it’s RHS garden show season! The bench is minimal in design so it looked in keeping with Dan’s workshop shed, yet sturdy and big enough to fit the lot of us if needed.

Next came the fun bit – accessories and plants!  I have always fancied those vintage dolly tubs, the ones that were used for washing clothes back in the day.  But have never been able to find one.  Much to my delight, I discovered that Wyevale do a version of these.

I also chose a couple of outdoor cushions, some lanterns and festoon lights, to make the outside space a place to linger after dark.

Next the plants.  Wyevale Garden Centres are located around the country. So a quick look on the website where my nearest centre was and off I went for a day of plant choosing.  I new I wanted a lots of flowers, and something with some height, so I chose a Viburnum Plicatum which gives masses of white blooms and gets all frothy and voluptuous during summer.

For the dolly tubs I chose a pinky orange Geum, a gorgeous dusky peach Verbascum a couple of white foxgloves and a box ball.

So there we have it.  A pretty little corner for me to lounge in the evening  There may be gin in that there glass!  And it’s all mine :)

What do you think?  I love it.

Collaboration Note:  This post was written in collaboration with Wyevale Garden Centres.  All words, thoughts and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.

  • What a beautiful space! We’re working on totally revamping our yard this summer and I want a corner just like this! We only just put a fence in so I’m a long ways from finishing details like this but I’m definitely inspired for the future! I hope you enjoy your beautiful garden!

  • Such beautiful additions to your garden, that bench looks like it was made for that space. Looks so relaxing with those cushions too. How you’ll ever tear yourself away from that cosy nook now I don’t know. Also your photography here is simply gorgeous. x

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