Inspiration | Current June muses…

Mid-summer has passed, did you read my styling tips for a solstice celebration over on the Sisterhood website?  Do go check it out. There are some amazing women, writing inspiring articles over there.

Anyway, back to Littlegreenshed.  This summer I am drawn to pale muted tones, white linen, glass, striped wood, concrete and grasses.  Taking inspiration from nature.

I’ve found my tastes changing as I get older, I crave a more minimal life.  Less clutter, less stuff, more space, room to breathe.

And so…. here are my favourite things around the web at the moment:

Image via My Domaine
Image via: Avid Londoner
Image @brittanybathgate via WhoWhatWear

So it seems, my love for marble, baskets, white jeans never fade.  I will one day be living in the med, with my converted Finca… would you still read this blog if I moved to Majorca?

Just asking!

So what are your June muses?  I’d love to know what you are lusting after at the moment.

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