Saturdays | The Pig and Prior Park…

A couple of Saturday’s ago, we headed out of Bristol towards Bath, stopping off at one of my favourite places, The Pig.  Now a chain of boutique hotels in the South West, the Pig is set in a former stately home, with the best restaurant and walled garden to potter around.

Sitting under a tree, we ate wood fired flat breads (pizzas), pork crackling with apple sauce and large juices olives, washed down with seedlip drinks.  To the boys delighted a helicopter landed in the neighbouring field, as guests arrived. Proper swanky.  I kept asking if the boys recognised the people – were they celebrities?  Unless they were a You Tube gaming star, they probably wouldn’t have known. It could have been George Clooney for all I knew!

After lunch, we wandered around the walled garden, marvelling at the neat rows of veg.  It feel very like Mr McGregors garden, and I kept expecting to see a rabbit in a blue coat scamper by.

Wanting to be out in the sunshine a bit longer, we drove onto Bath and to the National Trust property, Priors Park.  Parking at the top of the hill, we walked in through the top gate that gives the most magnificent views of the park and Bath below.

The path leads the visitor down through the trees, finding fallen branches to play on, hidden huts and a glorious swing to play on. Til you eventually reach the bottom, and thankfully a little cafe for a water stop and a look across the lake.

The bridge is where most people congregate, a half way point to stop and catch your breath before the ascent back to the car.  I love the ancient graffiti carved into the soft Bath stone.  Some date back to the 1700s.

Bath is glorious at any time of the year. Especially in summer – just avoid the tourists in the main square!