Beauty | Current bedside table situation…

I don’t know about you, but I love nosing around other people’s houses.  If not in actual real life, then on social media.  One bit of nosing, is seeing what other women have on their night stand (beside table if you are British).

A women’s night stand is window into their mind. What they are reading, how busy their mind is. What products they enjoy using, to jewellery left and any other miscellaneous items, discarded there before bed.

My own current bedside situation is this:

So, what does it say about me?  That I’ve recently cleared my night stand for a photo shoot! Seriously!  Usually, there would be a pair of bright orange ear plugs to mask the sound of snoring. A used and much loved tube of Weleda skin food. A pile of career development books that I’m dipping in and out of. A jade gua sha to smoothe my skin.  And my favourite This Works, lavender pillow spray.

The real me, versus the styled me.

So, tell me…. what is on your bedside table?

  • Unfortunately just a stack of books I never seem to get through, chap stick, and last night’s glass of water. Nothing too thrilling I’m afraid. But this inspires me to pretty up my side table.

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