Garden | Inspiration for the back of my house..

Image via Tom House

Sigh. We are no closer to doing our kitchen extension. Sadly the quotes we received were much larger than we expected.  How can a small side return extension cost £50k?  And this doesn’t include a new kitchen or windows and doors.  HOW?

Even though we are still saving, I can dream of the finished look, right?  This beautiful garden above is pretty much what I want.  The house is very similar to ours, a Victorian terrace with a loft conversion.  So looking at this, I can see what we can also achieve.

I love the french doors which cover the entire back of the property. I’d like to have crital style doors to the garden.  The extension will also be a flat roofed, with a parapet wall to hide all the ugly guttering.  We might render ours, as we will want to keep the costs down.

Our loft (Charlie’s bedroom) is currently converted, but badly, and doesn’t have a dormer. So we’d like to do that also. Giving more head room, and adding a shower room to the space.  I love how this dormer is clad in dark grey tiles too.  The doors, windows and dormer are all tied together.

The garden here is a simple courtyard. With pots of plants and a place to sit and eat and relax.  I adore it.

Now if someone can lend me £50k, then my life would be made! In the meantime, I’ll be eating baked beans on toast until that day happens.


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