Interiors | Fantasy Ibizan kitchen..

We are still no closer to doing our side return. I honestly do not know when that will be, certainly not this year. The whole thing feels like an unreachable fantasy, Β£50k is a lot of money to muster up. And it’s not happening any time soon.

Speaking of fantasy, I’ve been doing a little dreaming and wondered what my home would look like if I lived elsewhere. This week, I bring you the Ibizan kitchen.

So, if I lived in Ibizan finca, I would have a kitchen that would be white, with rustic elements. Concrete worktops, built in storage and a simple, pared back aesthetic.

Rattan light fixtures, rough hewn wooden table tops and chopping boards. Cooling tiles or polished concrete flooring underfoot.

Simple, comfortable and cool.Β  I adore this look. In fact, I’m going to go for this look in my kitchen here in Bristol. So what if I don’t live on the ‘White Isle’ – I can still pretend right?

Images – c/o Pinterest.Β 

  • Lovely kitchen, hope you are watching architecture digest on YouTube they go around all stylish peoples house it’s great for ideas!! Good luck with side return fund. X

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