Travel | Postcards from Verona, Italy…

Taking a day out of poolside lounging and floating on an inflatable doughnut to visit some culture.  Just 40 mins drive from Lake Garda is the beautiful city of Verona, most known for the setting of many a Shakespeare play, most famously Romeo & Juliet.

It was HOT, 38 degrees hot. And the city heaved with tourists.  We did a whistle stop tour of the famous balcony, above.  With a thousand other tourists, and then retreated to the back alleyways, cooling shade and air conditioned shops.

Verona is beautiful. Buildings seem ancient. Decorated with paintings from another time. Balcony’s dripped with plants, and cafes spilled out on to the streets.  Everything seemed like it was a film set, but then the whole of Italy so far has seemed like that to me.

The Roman amphitheatre was spectacular. I had expected to be so blown away. Built in the 1st century, it is now used for concerts and Opera performances.  One of which was going on whilst we were there, so sadly we couldn’t go inside.  Outside, in the square, were huge pieces of set… large scale Egyptian cats and Chinese dragons. God knows what Opera needs all these pieces.

We wandered around in a thunder storm and the rain, eating gelato. Discovering hidden courtyards and pretty shops.  Verona is glorious, and the few hours we were there we were spellbound by it.  I suggest going in the Autumn, because we couldn’t cope with the heat.  And if you can see a performance at the amphitheatre, then book it. I wish we had.

Things to do in Verona

  • visit the amphitheatre
  • visit Juliets balcony
  • eat gelato
  • see opera
  • wander the streets