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I spend a lot of time here. A LOT. If I haven’t carved out a few hours of lounging here each day, then I feel I’m doing something wrong.  Sounds indulgent doesn’t it?  But let me tell you why I do it.

Mornings I wake, kids go to school and Dan and I go to the gym for a an hours workout.  Back home, it’s shower and on to work.  After the gym, I’m shattered, so I end up working from here. On my bed, curled up in a wonderful cosy nest, typing away, dealing with emails, writing stories and editing photos.  I love it.

I feel relaxed, able to make good work decisions, feel creative and physically and mentally nourished by it.

Now Autumn is here, and the cold weather has arrived with it, the prospect of never leaving my bed is more inviting. So, with the help of a few additions, I’ve made my office/nest even more inviting. So if you fancy doing the same, then read on…

How to make your bedroom your office

If you want to join the likes of John Lennon, Frida Khalo and Truman Capote who all worked from their beds – here are few ways you can chill and work in your Autumn nest…

  • Bed linen – soft comfortable real linen is always a winner.  This beautiful soft blue duvet cover and pale grey pillow cases are from Secret linen store.  If your bed is covered in linens that make you feel comfy and that you love, then you will enjoy being there.
  • Scented candles – essential piece of kit.  This will help you ground yourself in your space.  And if a candle is lit, I’m less likely to nod off!
  • large blanket – we are making a nest here people!  Go for something large, that will cover your knees whilst tapping away.  This one here is from Anthropologie, it’s a couple of years old now.
  • Cushions – to give your back support.  This one is from Rowan & Wren.
  • Endless cups of something warm.  I’ve been known to set up my Nespresso coffee machine in the bedroom, so I don’t have to move too far to get my caffeine fix.

Above all, enjoy it.  Don’t feel guilty about spending all day there. Remember you are working, and if you are being productive, there is nothing to feel guilty about.  Just get up and walk about every now and then, switch on a podcast to listen too. Oh and don’t fall asleep! :)

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