Magazine Review | Faune…

I love magazines – I actually hoard them. Stacks of beautifully bound, well printed on gorgeous paper.  I’m talking about independent magazines, not those from big media firms, that recycle content from blogs.  Those are crap – have seen those latest calm magazines?  Nearly there, but oh so missing the mark completely.

Anyway, I digress.  New to the magazine scene is FAUNE, a biannual wildlife and travel pubication that explores the beauty of the natural world.

Each issue comprises carefully selected wildlife, travel and lifestyle features. With a blend of thoughtful long-form journalism, shorter essays and interviews, as well as captivating visual stories, Faune’s editorial is dedicated to exploring the connections between us and the natural world.

Issue 1, sees us travel through London, taking in the British Library, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, portraits of the city through the Great British weather and an essay on the River.

Then northwards to Scandinavia in autumn. Stockholm in September, Copenhagen’s woods, and the essence of what it’s like to be Scandinavian.

Onto warmer climes and India, we search for Baghera, the leopards of Jawai.  Such incredible images of these secretive creatures.

Our final travel destination is Japan.  A celebration of Winter, with the red-crowned cranes, and the mountains and marshes of the northern island.


Watch the short film here:

Faune is truly beautiful, merging fabulous story telling and photography to highlight regions of the world and the plight of animals that inhabit there.  To me, reading these stories, curled up at home, I am taken away from my real life, to a calm, slowness that I feel connected with these animals and places.

I suggest you add Faune to you reading list soon!

Images except top, all courtesy of Faune Magazine.