Seasonal Rituals | Apple harvest…

Autumn makes me feel so alive. I find summer wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I also find it exhausting.  Perhaps its the British obsession with the weather, that if the sun is shining we ‘must’ be out there doing something.  Making the most of it.  That, and six weeks of school holidays, summer is tiring. Fun, yet really tiring.

So, when the apples start to ripen, and there is a musty mistiness in air, I can feel myself slowing down. I love that.  The sense of harvest, of nesting and allowing oneself to enjoy the abundance and the richness of autumn.

Last week, on a particularly glorious day, Dan and I found a little orchard just outside of Bristol. Originally to set up a few shots for upcoming work projects, we soon found ourselves lost in the beauty of it all.

Dan brewed coffee on our little gas stove, whilst I collected windfalls and took many photos of the beautiful apples.  Soon we were lost in conversation about life, kids and future plans.  We always seem to find the best conversations when we are in nature and under trees.

I don’t know who owns the little orchard, I’m sure we were naughtily trespassing, but we weren’t doing anything wrong.  Except ‘scrumping’ a few windfalls and enjoying a lazy picnic watching apples plop on the grass.

Soon it was time to leave and collect the boys from school.  I adore working with my mister, and that we can have work ‘dates’ like these.  I feel very blessed.

I’ll share what I made with those little apples in an upcoming post.  Bloody delicious!

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