Travel | Learning to throw a pot, at Wallakra in Sweden…

One of our family highlights during our trip to Skåne region of Sweden, was to try our hand of pottery throwing.

The ceramic factory in Wallåkra, was founded in 1864, producing dark brown, salt glazed pottery after more than 150 years of practice. The small Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik (stone factory) is a bit like a living industrial museum, where in the authentic original kiln still produces the dark brown salt glazed pots today. Ceramics made there can be bought in the small factory shop.

After a short tour of the kiln, and an explanation of how the famous dark brown glaze is achieved, our host showed us upstairs to the pottery studio. Rows upon rows of beautifully thrown pots all waited to be glazed.  We were told that the kiln is only fired up twice a year, and can hold thousands of pots at a time.

The studio was wonderful, we each had a go at throwing a pot.  The factory owner, Åsa Orrmell, was so patient! She showed us how to effectively hold the clay steady on the wheel, how to feel the clay to check thickness, and then with more of an emotion, to close our eyes and breathe.  Creating our own pot.

It was so therapeutic, hands on clay watching our little pots appear.  Each one almost a representation of our personalities.  We all loved seeing them come to life.

Here they are!  Absolutely proud as punch with these little pots.  Shame we couldn’t take them home.  But perhaps we could take up pottery some time in the future.

Our pots, from left to right – with Charlie’s and Dan’s swapped.  The boys are the best… perfect!

Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik
253 41 Vallåkra


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