Travel | Paris in the autumn…

I’ve only visited Paris once, during a hot sunny August with the kids.  It was magical, memorable and amazing. So when Nespresso asked me if I’d like to pop along to an event in Paris, I of course yelled yes!

The event started at midday in the Batalcan area of Paris, so as my flight arrived at 9.15am I had a few hours to myself – to wander the pretty autumn streets.

I took the direct train from Charles de Gaulle airport into central Paris, then hopped on the Metro straight to the Marais district, to my first port of call. Merci.  I adore this shop, I have such great memories wandering around it with the kids.

But before I dove head long into shopping (or lack of shopping, just browsing), I sat and enjoyed a quiet coffee in the bookshop cafe, staring at the rain hammering down on the red Fiat 500 in the courtyard.

A quick tour around the shop, marvelling at the kitchen ware, silver cutlery, gorgeous leather wallets and more… I left the shop to wander the back streets of the Marais on to my next destination.

There was something so liberating navigating the trains from the airport, and around the metro solo.  My first trip to Paris alone, and although I was meeting a group of people later… those sweet few hours I had to myself I felt so inspired and happy to be there by myself.  A rare occurrence indeed.

The main place I wanted to visit this Autumn, was Place du Voges, in the Marais.  It’s one of those beautiful squares surrounded with Parisienne buildings and perfectly lined trees around the edge.  I knew these trees would be looking spectacular at this time of year.  And I wasn’t wrong.

Breathtaking golden yellow leaves, punching colour through the grey rainy November day.

Before too long, my morning was over, and I hurried to Cafe Francais to meet up with the rest of the nespresso team and influencers for the event.

I adore Paris.  And now I know I can fly in and out in a day – and that is may be tiring, it is actually perfectly doable – I might do it again.  Who is coming with me?