Interiors | How to cosy up the home this Winter…

Experts have said that this winter we will need to be prepared for icy cold, and even snow.  If last winter was anything to go by, I am making sure that my home is as cosy as can be. I am fully aware that warmth and a roof over my head is a huge privilege, and will be donating to the local homeless charity St Mungos this year.  We have already given money, but we are also donating clothes, socks, underwear, as well as sanitary products.  Have a look at your local St Mungos, for ways to donate.

At home, we are making sure that rooms are cosy.  Layering rugs with sheepskins, and sofas with blankets.  We’ve stocked up on logs for the fire and had our chimney swept too.  But what else can you do, to ensure your home is warm this cold season?

give radiators a chance

I know most of us nowadays have central heating, but are we using radiators correctly? Most of us, myself included, find them pretty ugly – and I am at fault for trying to ‘hide’ them behind a sofa or a cupboard or two.  I’ve been advised by my Dad, a former British Gas man, that for the radiator to do it’s thing and work properly, it needs to radiate heat directly into the room.  Sadly, not behind a sofa or a radiator cover.  If you, like me, hate the look of your radiators, then think about painting them to match your wall colour or invest in some pretty Victorian style cast iron alternatives.

embrace your inner granny and grab a heated blanket

All the rage circa 1950, but they are making a big come back.  Electric blankets can soothe aching muscles and joints, and reduce dust mites, making an electric blanket particularly beneficial for those with allergies.

Electric blankets have to meet strict safety standards so that they don’t overheat. You can keep some on all night; others turn off automatically after a set time.  There are two types, a mattress protector style, where the heat comes upwards or a more traditional throw style which warms you from above. I fancy this one, fluffy and warm.

warm towels anyone?

Heated towel rails not only warm your towel, making a cosy exit after your morning shower, they also heat your bathroom.  Bathrooms in winter are a notoriously cold place, bare feet on tiles, and a fan which sucks out any warmth.  Invest in one that can take a multiple of towels, that is large enough to dry, warm and heat your bathroom space.  Most will have to be fitted by a plumber or someone that is a bit handy.  Then invest in some new towels whilst you are at it.  I love my John Lewis towels.

Tog up

We spend a lot of time in our beds, and during the winter month it’s even harder to leave. Make sure your duvet is up to the cold nights.  Tog up during winter, and invest in a higher thickness of duvet. If you don’t have space to store it during the summer and vice versa, then add layers of blankets instead.

Do you have any tips on keeping cosy in the colder months?  Do share below.

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