Interiors | How to style a simple pared back festive table….

As promised on Insta, I’m sharing how I created this simple pared back festive table.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule or another religion, this table will see you right.  Just add candle light, friends and you are good to go.

This year I’ve decided to keep greenery to a minimum, and bring lightness to the dark grey days by using a pale palette of white, grey and muted tones. So click read more …. and I’ll show you my tips and tricks.

Starting with the base, I’ve used a simple white linen tablecloth.  These are relatively easy to come by. This one is from John Lewis, but I’ve seen simple cheap ones in Ikea.  Once you’ve laid that, then it’s time to get creative.

Candle light

I like to mix up my table, never one to favour a ‘matchy matchy’ style of table setting. I think it’s better when it looks informal, puts everyone at ease and lets conversation flow more naturally.  We’ve all been at restaurants when we’ve felt as stiff as the table linen.

Here, I’ve used two types of candlesticks and candles.  Gold coloured dramatic looking candlesticks from H&M (last season) but there are some similar in the shop.  And short white ceramic candle holders, these are from Ikea (last season) but see below for similar.

I’ve also used 2 different coloured candles.  Plain white, and charcoal grey.  They add interest and colour to the table, without being to overbearing.  You could go for black candles or pale grey or beige… keeping the colours on a neutral spectrum.

The candles I’ve spread out along the table in a line, to allow room for ornaments and conversation to flow through them.

Floral Centrepiece

Back in January this year, Erin Trezise-Wallace led an Ikebana masterclass for our Sisterhood Event.  She taught her way of displaying flowers and foliage based on ancient Japanese techniques.  I’ve used her teaching here to make this simple dried seeds arrangement.

Using a ceramic cup from the brilliant Rebecca Proctor  I added a metal frog pin to the base of the cup.  The pin allows stems to be pushed into and holds them firmly in place.  No floppy arrangements, just sturdy well placed blooms.

I’ve used a mix of grasses, poppy seed heads and dried honesty.  Bringing together a touch of nature and texture to the table.  These I have naturally gathered in the autumn and allowed them to dry over the past few months.  I’m never not collecting nature.

Decorative elements

Dotted around the candles are paper baubles from Rose & Grey, and wooden trees from Midgely Green.  It feels good to support small independent traders as well as purchasing from big giants.  The small brass angel is from my recent trip to Sweden.  But you can find similar brass decorations from most shops… see below.

Each seat is covered in a cosy sheepskin, to allow each guest to feel comfortable and cosy, it also allows them to linger more at the table.  If you can’t afford real or like the idea of a real sheepskin, then go for fake. It really doesn’t matter – it’s your preference.

Place setting

Each place setting has a pale grey napkin, gold cutlery, a wine glass and simple white crockery. Simple, white and gold.  Now all we need is the food!  Over to Dan for that, I just make things pretty!

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