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Batch working – you might already know about it, or even be doing it.  But until recently I had never heard of it.  I was trying to discover ways of making my working life easier, when Dan mentioned it to me.  He had heard all about it through his whatsapp group of people who attended the Do Lectures last year.

So, I thought I’d share more about it with you.  I tell you, it’s changed my life!

As this slide shows you, we spend a lot of our time being distracted by one thing or another.  Personally, I’d rather be scrolling instagram or source kitchen ideas on Pinterest than doing the work.  And when I do settle down to work, I tend to flick between one task and another, without fully accomplishing anything.

This is probably why my to do list never shortened, why I was getting overwhelmed and I felt my work was at sub-standard.  A never ending circle…..

Enter – Batch working.

This simple method allowed me to revolutionise the way I work.  By carving up my work into topics, and breaking those down, I was able to set aside hours or even full days to them – leaving me chunks of time in between to create, or even have a day off! I know!

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  • Thank you for reminding me of this strategy. I had heard of it before, and even applied it to my life for a while. It made me work through my to-do lists so quickly and efficiently. I will try to reincorporate the strategy back into my life.

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