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The summer holidays of 2018 was incredible.  We spent most of it abroad, 2 weeks in Italy and a week in Sweden, living life to the max and not worrying about anything really.  Weeks living off pasta, pizza and gelato took it’s toll, and come September I had reached an all time low on my fitness levels.

Lack of exercise, over indulging on the food and drink had left me feeling lethargic, bouts of sweating and constant breathlessness.  Something had to be done.  I booked a visit to see my GP, who took some blood tests.  She weighed me, and to my horror I was over 13 stone.  13 stone 4lbs to be exact.  The heaviest I’ve ever been.

A few weeks later the blood results were in, and the Doc revealed that I had type 2 diabetes!!  What the actual f! I was in shock.  How could I have let this happen to me?  Eating what I wanted, and no exercise, that’s how.

I had to do something, I’m still young (ish) and have plenty of life left to live.  I can turn this around right?

I promptly joined our local David Lloyds gym.  This was a huge step for me. I’ve never been keen on exercise or sport for that matter.  My PE teacher at school used to yell ‘cretin’ when we limped past on the 500m run.  Yeah – that woman really made me hate sport.  So, heading to the gym was a big deal for me.

The gym

Starting slowly, I booked in with the Personal Trainer who went through my fitness levels on the Boditrax machine.  He advised me to go to 3 classes a week, mixing them up, and one weights session.

At David Lloyds there so many classes to choose from.  I started slowly and eased myself in with a yoga class and then Body Balance (which is a mix of tai chi, yoga and Pilates – all fast paced set to music).

As an exercise hater, I soon found that I loved going to classes. The atmosphere is contagious, everyone is upbeat and keen to get going.  The instructors are knowledgeable and smiley – which really helps.  No name calling here!


So, September I weighed in at 13st 4lbs.  With a metabolic age of 68!  68! I could have cried. I was so cross and embarrassed to have let myself get like this.  So, I’ve committed to going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. Two spin classes, a yoga class and a body balance class.  Burning on average 2600 calories a week!

I weigh in once a month to check my progress, and at the beginning of this month, I have dropped 1st 3lbs in weight and my metabolic age has reduced to 54.

This was me at my heaviest – Italy last summer.


I feel fitter than ever. Upright and strong.  Gone are the sweats and breathlessness.  I can now do a 45 minute spin class without wanting to pass out.  But I still have a long way to go.  I hope to show you a before and after shot in the summer.  The image above is me at my heaviest, taken in Italy on 1st August 2018.  Let’s see how I look and feel August 2019.  More importantly I hope to have reversed my diabetes, and have helped to lengthen my life, prevent any serious illnesses and diseases by getting fit.


So what has changed?  Well losing over a stone in weight, I’ve dropped a dress size already.  I have come to realise how much I LOVE exercising and look forward to my next session.  I constantly look at gym wear in the shops! weird but true.  I stretch every night… repeat…. every night.  I pull out my yoga mat and do a yoga session with Adriene.  I highly recommend her free You Tube classes.

What also has happened is I have a better mental attitude.  I regularly catch myself saying nice things to…. me.  I actually said ‘well done darling’ to myself for getting up and going to my class even when I was knackered and wanted to sleep.

I’m happier, brighter and stronger.  Life is good.

This post isn’t a sponsored post with the gym. I pay for it with my hard earned cash.  It’s about me doing something I’ve put off for too long.  I’ve got fit, and I like it.  It’s not a diet post –  you will notice I’ve not talked about starving myself or following a fad diet.  This is a blog post about me getting fit, building strength and lengthening my life in return. I hope that this post will help anyone who is struggling with their January intentions – you can do it. :)

  • Well done for cracking on and doing something for your health. It’s amazing the shift in mind and body with a few sessions at the gym. I’ll look forward to seeing the ‘after pics. Good luck x

  • Really great work. You own the failure and now you own success. I’ve come to exercise late too, and find I like it. Re the diet. I can absolutely vouch for one strategy. Portion control. A smaller plate. The combination of moving more and eating less is a winner. Keep going!

  • What a great story! And I’m somewhat pleased to hear I wasn’t the only person who had a ridiculous gym teacher (I was called cream puff).

  • Well done Lou! Thats great. I feel this year I too need to exercise – I too hate it – I have a feeling we had the same PE teacher…’cretin’ sounds familiar! xx

  • Good for you Lou! It’s so easy to not find time for ourselves when we lead such hectic lives. I’ve started the yoga with Adrienne too and absolutely love her sessions. Keep going – you’re inspiring me to do more!

  • Well done Lou that’s amazing.. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been at the moment and find it incredibly hard to motivate myself re excersise.. well done xx

  • Well done for being so honest I’m not sure I’d be able to write about my weight and fitness levels! I can completely relate, whilst I’m not overweight I was born with hip dysplasia which at the age of 45 has resulted in osteoarthritis in both my hips so it is a daily battle to try and remain active and flexible and actually feeling 45 instead of 85! I do yoga with Adrienne most days I think she’s great. You tube is a wonderful thing! I also did my first hot pod yoga class this weekend, it was very different and a real yoga ‘experience ‘ I would definitely recommend it if you have classes near you. I hope you continue to do well and improve your fitness, and keep us posted about how you are doing xx

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