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This is a game we love to play at home.  Watching a game show, we ask each other, ‘what would you do if you won £100,000?‘ Our answers vary, from paying off our mortgage, to buying a cabin in the woods, to travelling to New York or Japan…. the list goes on.

Some of our wild favourite dreams are:

living in Sweden in a cabin

Since holidaying last summer in Sweden in a beautiful wooden cabin, Dan and I have dreamt about owning one. A simple black wood clad cabin, in the countryside, a place to spend summers swimming in the Baltic Sea or in the Winter enjoying the snow.  I could live out my Scandi interiors fantasies and we could earn a little money renting the place out on Airbnb when we were not there.

Paying off our mortgage

Practically speaking this would be the best option.  Our current mortgage is a little over £100k, so by paying off a huge chunk of it, this would free up our monthly outgoings and give us money back into our pockets.  With this we could go on holiday, save for home improvements or we could even move house.

Move house

Oh the dream to have more space!  Our current home is a tiny two up, two down terrace in Bristol. With no parking and zero garden (apart from a small yard).  Dan and I have always longed for big garden, with a garage and a drive – nothing grand, just SPACE!  Space to spread out as a family, space to park our car outside, space to create, space to grow a garden.


Rufus has always wanted to visit Tokyo, Japan.  He loves gaming, Pokemon and tech.  It would be his dream to visit the home of Nintendo.  I must admit, I’d love to visit Japan also, but not for the tech side – more of the spiritual Japan. The onsen baths, the tea houses and temples.  This is our bucket list destination.  Fingers crossed we will get to visit one day.

Charlie has always wanted to visit New York.  I think seeing the Big Apple in many movies it has made him want to visit.  I’d love to photograph it… plus wander around pretending I’m SJP perhaps?

Home Renovation

I’ve mentioned on here before, that we would love to build a new kitchen extension, and build into our side return.  We’ve had several quotes from local builders, all around the £50k mark!  £50k!  Who has that kind of money?  So if we were to magically receive some cash, then I’d actually love to do this.  It would solve a lot of our family needs.  I have a Pinboard on our new kitchen designs, so it has to happen right?

So what would you pick?  If you were to be given £100k, how would you spend it?  Travel, property, a new car, or home improvements – or perhaps you have an idea of your own? Plastic Surgery? Charity? Giving it to your kids?  Leave me a comment below, I’d love to know.

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  • This is really thought provoking Lou. We are exploding out of our two bed flat and would also love more space. However I am not keen on a massive mortgage. It is a dilemma.

  • I like this question, as it forced me to think about my priorities. Normally the question is about million(s) and you don’t really have to choose what you would focus on with a large chunk of money. I think I would spend £100k on a new degree (I would love to go into nutrition if the degrees weren’t so expensive) and paying off the mortgage as well.

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