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I don’t know about you, but at this time of year my skin is in need of a little boost. What with the excesses of the festive season and the drying central heating and cold winds, my skin takes a battering.

I’ve recently started to use facial oils and have found them the perfect antidote to winter dry skin.  According to Sali Hughes’ book ‘Pretty Honest I have typical dehydrated skin. Skin which looks plump and glowing after a shower, but soon turns grey and tired moments later.

After seeing my grey tired skin last winter, this year I am determined to glow!

I am happy to say that using face oils at night my skin is beginning to feel soft and radiant. I’m not a face oil expert by any means, but as an enthusiastic convert to facial oils, I find that they not only do the job, but are fairly cheap and easy to make yourself.  You can find these ‘base oils’ in most health food shops or chemists.  Or try online.

Do It Yourself facial oil:

Rosehip Seed Oil 
Many of my favourite facial oils by Magic Organic Apothecary features rosehip seed oil. It has the dual benefit of being sweet-smelling and full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It’s touted with being able to correct dark spots and hydrate skin, while also reducing scars and fine lines, and restoring elasticity. Sounds great eh?  And despite all the moisturising it does, it’s light enough to use on your face without it getting too greasy.  I use this one has my day time facial oil.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Another frequent ingredient used in face oils for its similarities to the skin’s natural oils. Compared to some of the other precious oils found in facial oil and serum formulations, Apricot Kernel is relatively affordable.

Argan Oil
Hailing from North Africa, Argan can be used for everything from makeup remover to hair treatment, this little bottle oil will do it all. I need only a very little (and indeed any more is too much) to feel hydrated.  Tip:  smooth a small amount on to the driest tips of your hair at night.  In the morning wash it out and you will have the softest hair.  It doesn’t smell that great, so you may want to add some essential oils to it.

Adding essential oils:

Once you have discovered the base oil that suits your skin, you can start experimenting with essential oils.  Adding a few drops per 100ml of base oil.  Some of my favourites are:


Perfect for bed time. Lavender has soothing properties which relax your skin and mind too, helping you fall to sleep.  Why not add it to Argan oil, for a deep moisturiser whilst you are sleeping deeply.


Good for mature skins. Rose Oil can improve acne, balance hormones, relieve anxiety, improve depression, reduce rosacea and naturally increase libido.  Add it to your rosehip oil base.

Experiment.  If you love the smell of Jasmine, use that!  But remember to use pure essential oils and not fragrances, as they are kinder to your skin.

How to Use It

I’ve written about my evening skin care ritual before, and how I love to cleanse my skin with a balm and hot flannel, followed by using my luna mini exfoliator.  Then I wrap my hair in a towel to keep my fringe off of my face.  Using the tips of my fingers I massage the facial oil into my skin, working it into every area.

After my morning shower, I will apply a small amount of oil after a vitamin c serum.  Leaving it to soak in before applying makeup.

I would recommend to start to introduce oils slowly, perhaps using it a night. Most oils are sold in glass bottles with small droppers. That’s because you really only need a drop or two to get the moisture you need.  I’ve found that since using a facial oil I wake up with refreshed and glowing skin.

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